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Pokemon Go Shiny Mew Masterwork Research Coming Back

The pink never-before-seen species of Pokemon, named Mew, is coming back to Pokemon Go after quite some time.

As part of the upcoming Pokemon Go’s 7th Anniversary Party, there will be a Masterwork Research featuring Mew. The Masterwork Research is titled All-In-One #151, and the reason the name sounds familiar to you is that this Masterwork Research is the same one as back in 2021, when we had the Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto.

Unfortunately, Trainers that purchased this Masterwork Research back in the day will not be able to do so again, during Pokemon Go’s 7th Anniversary Party.

The price for the Masterwork Research is $5, and completing it will reward you with Shiny Mew. For all Trainers that have previously purchased, or will purchase it, there will be the following bonuses:

  • 2x Incense duration
  • 2x Daily Adventure Incense duration
  • 2x Lure Duration

The Masterwork Research story is not expirable, so it is intended to be completed over a long period of time.

What is your thought on this? Do you already own Shiny Mew/Mew?

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  1. Does anyone know what the CP range will be for this Mew? I have a Mew already but when I got it, it came in the 1700cp range which can’t be used for the Great League for PVP. So I’m looking for the sub 1500cp Mew for future Great league battles.

    1. Mine was under 1500cp. Maybe make sure to not encounter Mew during windy weather? That boosts psychic type cp

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