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WoW Arena Skirmish Is Now Active

This week’s event in World of Warcraft is Arena Skirmish. The event will be active for the whole week. What you have to do is open the Group Finder, select PvP tab, choose Arena Skirmish and join the epic battle. …

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WoW Patch 7.2 Introduces PvP Brawls

WoW patch 7.2: The Tomb of Sargeras brings a new PvP Brawl. These Brawls will be with different modes, rules and gameplay. If you are a WoW fan and looking for something different, then these Brawls are the perfect solution …

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Guardians of Ember Act 4 Comes Tomorrow

Immortals get ready as tomorrow Act IV hits Guardians of Ember. This new feature adds new regions, loot and new quests. So, prepare your weapons, armor and potions, because it’s going to be wild! This Act 4 brings new quests …

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SMITE Valisblot Event Starts Today

smite valisblot event

SMITE Valisblot event starts today, as announced on their official website. The event starts today on February 13 and ends on February 16. Keep on reading and find out more. Starting as of today, you can log into SMITE and get …

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Infestation: The New Z Valentine’s Event

infestation the new z valentine event

Infestation got its latest update, which brings item changes, skin changes and maps updates. Now, Colorado V1 is available on the official changes and Colorado V2 got some updates. But let’s see what the Infestation: The New Z Valentine’s event …

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