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Pokèmon GO is for all ages, including Senior Trainers

Age is just a number, you know how they say it. You may think that Pokèmon GO is for youngsters only, and that is where you are wrong.

Some view Pokèmon GO as their outlet, having a great time while catching Pokemon all over the world. Others get their steps in just to get to the Pocket Monster that they ultimately want to have in their PokèDex. I see it as a daily adventure, meeting new people, getting exercise, and exploring new surroundings.

Well, on the largest group that is dedicated to Pokèmon GO, one particular post caught my attention, and that is Pokèmon GO Community over at Facebook. He asked us all if there are players that are 70 years old, and dear, there are a lot of them. I didn’t think that there would be people of that age, but I am extremely glad that senior Trainers are also Pokèmon GO fans.

A few of them even say that they are obsessed with the game, and I admire that. I do, and I think that we should cherish our senior Trainers because, with their positivity in life, we can all learn how to enjoy ourselves when needed.

If you are a senior Trainer who is reading this right now, please comment below so that we all can shower you with love.

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  1. 76, been playing pokemon since 1995 and pokemon go since the get go. Love it to pieces and have met some really dear friends while playing.

  2. I think it’s great that anyone can enjoy the game!! I’ve found that it’s simple enough to quickly get into. A pick-up-and-play type of game. When I started playing, I had no previous introduction to Pokemon. Pokemon GO being my introductory game really helped me understand types and learn about the Pokemon. I also got my dad into the game. He is in his mid-40s and loves it just as much as I do. We both play Pokemon Go and have both played Scarlet and Violet as our first “real” Pokemon games.

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