December 6, 2023

    Twitch to Shut Down Services in South Korea by February 2024 Due to High Operating Costs

    Twitch CEO Dan Clancy announced the upcoming closure of Twitch operations in South Korea. The decision, set to take effect on February 27, 2024, comes as a response to the unsustainable operating costs in the region. In a detailed blog post, Clancy highlighted Twitch’s financial challenges in maintaining its presence…
      December 6, 2023

      GTA 6 Trailer Surpasses Lifetime GTA 5 Views, Sets New YouTube Records

      The Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer has eclipsed over 101 million views on YouTube, surpassing the lifetime views of its…
      December 6, 2023

      Pokémon GO Shiny Hisuian Sneasel Odds and How to Catch It

      The Along the Routes event in Pokémon GO is an exciting time for players, as it introduces a new character,…
      December 6, 2023

      Deathstroke To Be A Playable DLC Character In Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League

      With the release of Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League scheduled for 2024, there’s already exciting news emerging about the…
      December 6, 2023

      Pokémon GO Offers 3 Free Remote Raid Passes, Likely as Compensation for Hisuian Samurott Raid Day Issues

      Pokémon GO players in New Zealand and Australia are getting a free Remote Raid bundle from Niantic. This bundle includes…

      PS5 Game Trailers

      PlayStation 5 - Recent Game Trailers

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      Quantum Error - Next Gen Immersion Trailer | PS5 Games


      Baby Shark - Sing & Swim Party - Launch Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games


      NASCAR Arcade Rush - Launch Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games


      Isekai Rondo - Official Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games


      Xbox Game Trailers

      Xbox - Recent Game Trailers

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      SpellForce: Conquest of Eo | Xbox Series X|S Announcement Trailer


      Fresh Start | Launch Trailer


      Mortal Kombat 1 Early Access, Game Pass Core & More | This Week on Xbox


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      Unicorn Overlord — Announcement Trailer | Xbox Series X|S


      Ghostrunner 2 | Demo Launch Trailer


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      Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty — Official Cinematic Trailer


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        Here’s how to do the Michael Jackson Peek in Counter-Strike 2

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        How to Install Aim Training Map in Counter-Strike 2?

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        How to Fix the “Sorry, You Have Been Blocked” Error on Discord

        Are you trying to use Discord and getting the message “Sorry, you have been blocked. You are unable to access…
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        Payday 3 Guide: Farming Cash and Earning C-Stacks

        Payday 3 has taken the thrilling heist action to the next level with multiple progression systems and two primary currencies,…
        September 25, 2023

        Understanding Payday 3 Progression: Earning XP and Unlocking Skills

        Since its release, Starbreeze Studios’ Payday 3 has undergone a significant overhaul in its progression system compared to its predecessor,…
        September 21, 2023

        Take a look at this One-Way Smoke Lineup on Nuke’s Ramp in CS2

        The strategic depth of first-person shooter games like CS2 is immense. It’s not just about the perfect aim or split-second…
          September 25, 2023

          Review: Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty, Night City Reborn

          Cyberpunk 2077, once a title of anticipation and later of both admiration and controversy, has once again captured the gaming community’s attention. With its latest expansion, Phantom Liberty, and the pivotal 2.0 update, CD Projekt…
          March 18, 2023

          Diablo 4 Beta – a Tale of Triumph and Tribulation

          Diablo 4‘s highly anticipated beta has finally arrived, and it has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions for fans. Despite server issues and long queues, the game’s captivating gameplay, stunning aesthetics, and engaging storytelling have…
          March 10, 2023

          How EA DICE Turned Things Around and Made Battlefield 2042 Even Better

          For fans of the Battlefield franchise, the release of Battlefield 2042 was a highly anticipated event. Unfortunately, the game’s launch was plagued by bugs and design changes that left many players feeling disappointed and frustrated.…
          February 21, 2023

          Atomic Heart Review: Crazy, Maddened, and Super Twisted Experience

          Not only the public, but we have also been blown by the creativity and beauty of Atomic Heart. The developer Mundfish is a talented team, and despite the divisive review scores, we are amazed to…
          February 20, 2023

          Atomic Heart Reviews pouring in hot, quite divisive so far

          Today, with the embargo going down, players worldwide can finally witness the grades left by those who had access to Atomic Heart – Mundfish’s wild and controversial sci-fi game. Though it has its share of…
          February 6, 2021

          Review: SMITE’s Season 8 Conquest Map

          If you’re not familiar with SMITE, it’s a popular MOBA game developed and published by Titan Forge Games, in which mythological deities fight it out on an epic battleground. Unlike most MOBAs, SMITE has third-person…
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