Review: Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty, Night City Reborn

Cyberpunk 2077, once a title of anticipation and later of both admiration and controversy, has once again captured the gaming community’s attention. With its latest expansion, Phantom Liberty, and the pivotal 2.0 update, CD Projekt RED beckons players back to the neon-lit streets of Night City. So, is this revisit worth the hype?

It seems that this is the time was hit and miss, but now we can openly speak our mind, as it did garner much attention once it was released. (NO BUGS WHATSOEVER).

Navigating the Shadows of Night City

In Phantom Liberty, players are plunged into the depths of a techno-thriller set against the backdrop of Night City’s underbelly. The introduction of Dogtown, a labyrinthine district saturated with post-war desolation, offers an irresistible playground for adventurers. Its streets, resounding with tales of survival and dominance, provide the canvas upon which this narrative masterfully paints its story.

For the veteran wanderers of Night City, the 2.0 update is not just an invitation but a clarion call. While Phantom Liberty might be seen as a vessel that sails on the waves of espionage and decadence, the 2.0 update is the tide that guides it. It revitalizes the core experience, correcting past discrepancies and enhancing foundational elements.

One cannot discuss Phantom Liberty without acknowledging the cinematic gravitas added by Idris Elba’s Solomon Reed. His charisma intertwines with the narrative’s threads, elevating what could have been a typical spy thriller into a multi-layered political drama. Juxtaposed with the atmospheric tension of Dogtown, Elba’s performance crafts an experience that’s as captivating as it is compelling.

Phantom Liberty is not an addition to Cyberpunk 2077. We all agree it’s an “entirely separate project” from CD Projekt RED. It’s an acknowledgment of past imperfections and a stride toward excellence. While certain tropes might feel reminiscent of classic spy dramas, they are uniquely interwoven with the dystopian fabric of Night City. With a riveting narrative, enhanced gameplay mechanics, and a touch of star power, Phantom Liberty and the 2.0 update fortify Cyberpunk 2077’s position in the annals of iconic open-world adventures.

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - 9.7



Cyberpunk 2077's Phantom Liberty expansion and the transformative 2.0 update showcase CD Projekt RED's unwavering commitment to their craft and community. "Phantom Liberty" offers a deep dive into the techno-thriller narrative set in the desolate streets of Dogtown, complemented by Idris Elba's captivating portrayal of Solomon Reed. With a blend of classic spy drama elements and Cyberpunk's unique dystopian essence, this expansion reinvigorates the Night City experience. Combined with the improvements of the 2.0 update, Cyberpunk 2077 confidently reaffirms its place among the iconic open-world adventures of our time. For both returning fans and newcomers, Night City has never shone brighter.

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