Escape From Tarkov players finally win, EoD edition owners will get the PvE version of the game for free!

Recently, there have been a lot of turmoil regarding Escape From Tarkov’s “Unheard” edition. After the dissatisfaction and outcry by the fans because the EoD edition will be missing the PvE version of the game and some of the “Unheard” features, the developer has come out and said that the PvE version of Escape From Tarkov will arrive permanently to EoD owners, for free, too!

Furthermore, those who have already purchased the Unheard Edition, like myself, will get another copy from the Left Behind Edition. If you ask me, now it’s all over the place. I have paid for the Unheard Edition because I somewhat had to because that’s what I work. And now, I will get a Left Behind Edition key, for which I have zero use of. I guess I can give it away, yeah?

Now, Nikita would need to explain himself about this small shift. As for the official statement by the COO of Battlestate Games, you can find it below:

Let me clarify the situation in a little more detail regarding owners of the EoD version and access to the cooperative mode, and also other issues.

First of all, PvE gamemode this is not DLC. DLC in our understanding is the major additions to the game, including various functionality and content that are released after the official release of the game as a themed DLC pack (Scav Life DLC for example, which will add a lot of new mechanics and content for Scav gameplay and leveling).

Secondly, this specific functionality of the PvE mode is necessarily located entirely on a separate network infrastructure, because, essentially, you play on our servers, only in closed mode. At this stage, it is not possible to launch all players who are EoD holders – right now we simply do not have the required amount of resources for this.

We observe your dissatisfaction and have decided that the functionality of the PvE mode will be available for free to all owners of the EoD version at the release of the game, when the server infrastructure will be improved to the required capacity.

Now you have the opportunity to test this mode by purchasing the Unheard edition of the game, or upgrade to this version. We also decided to give a 50% discount when upgrading to the Unheard version from the EoD version.

We plan to send one free Left Behind Edition key to everyone who has already upgraded to Unheard Edition at the old price from the EoD version.

Moreover, so that any player of any version of the EFT can have the opportunity to test the PvE mode, we want to add the ability to purchase a separate early access to this mode. For EoD owners there will be a 70% discount on the purchase of early access to PvE. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on this idea.

Next, regarding special items for the Unheard version, we plan to make restrictive or balancing changes for these items.

What do you think about this? Are these changes good enough to calm down the EoD edition owners?

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