Why are Players Choosing the Modded Single-Player Escape From Tarkov Over the Official PvE edition?

Well, it seems like EFT players really crave a Single-Player Tarkov experience rather than just playing the official game. Recently, Battlestate Games released a new Unheard Version, which is quite pricy but includes a PvE version of the game. Fans have boycotted the release, especially those who own the EoD edition, because that edition is supposed to grant free access to any subsequent DLCs.

Whether considered DLC or not by the developer, it seems that everyone wants to play Single-Player Tarkov. Recently, Twitch streamers have promoted the cruel outcome of a Single-Player, modded Tarkov, which, by the way, requires you to have the original Escape From Tarkov game to be eligible to play. That modded edition seems way more interesting than the official one, which is one of the reasons why the developer plans on adding Mod support for the game in the future.

The Modded version of Escape From Tarkov has hooked many players to it. The mods can range from minor tweaks to major overhauls, introducing new features, improved AI, and other custom content that extends well beyond the original game. For example, modders have been known to adjust the game’s difficulty settings, loot algorithms, and even integrate new weapons and gear unavailable in the official release.

Advantage over the Unheard Edition

On the other side, the Unheard Edition by Battlestate Games offers a sanctioned single-player experience that guarantees compatibility and stability with the core game systems. This edition is designed to provide a solid gameplay experience with regular updates and, of course, developer support. Moreover, purchasing the official edition supports the developers financially, enabling them to invest in new content and improvements.

However, despite these benefits, some players feel that the official edition lacks innovation that mods provide. The Unheard Edition is missing tons of things that the modded version can have.

Why Modded?

The choice between modded and official versions of a game often comes down to a couple of things, including innovation and cost-effectiveness. All Modded games offer a fresh perspective or exciting features without additional cost. Like for example, Arma Reforger, where reality mods have been thriving recently. Furthermore, the modding community in games like Escape From Tarkov could act as a testing ground for new ideas, which if successful, could be adopted into the official game itself.


The decision between the modded SP version of Escape From Tarkov and the official ones are somewhat big. YOu want to play a realism mod? You want to have insane AI that would just jump around corners and eliminate you.? Well, if you are seeking for a really hardcore shooter game with smart AI, then the modded version might be your best pick. Either way, since modding is coming to Tarkov, it will be super fun to see what is going to happen.

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