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Escape From Tarkov Arena installs patch 0.17.0, Notes and more

Battlestate Games is now releasing a new huge update for Escape From Tarkov Arena, titled 0.17.0. This update will introduce an entirely new game mode called LastHero, which will be available in unranked matchmaking in its early stages.

LastHero is apparently a deathmatch mode in which the goal is to get the most kills in 10 minutes time. At the beginning of the match, players are able to change the equipment preset and get back into battle.  Players will be ranked based on the amount of kills they have.

Furthermore, this update balances some of the presets, but also reworks the body hitbox penetration. For more details on it, you can check below.

Escape From Tarkov Arena Patch 0.17.0 Notes

New game mode – LastHero

The LastHero mode is now available for the unranked game mode.

LastHero is a deathmatch between several players. The goal of each player is to get the most kills in the allotted time.

At the beginning of the match and after each death, players will be able to change the equipment preset and instantly return to the battle.

After 10 minutes, the match ends. Players are ranked based on the number of kills they have accumulated.

The player’s reward depends on the place taken in the match:

The experience in the reward for unlocking presets is distributed as follows:

  • Experience for kills is credited to the preset on which the kill was made;
  • Looting, healing and rank place experience is divided between classes, depending on the effectiveness of those classes in the match. The effectiveness of a class is affected by the number of kills and damage dealt on that class’ presets;
  • There is only one double experience bonus per match for a particular class. The choice of class for the bonus depends on which class gained the most experience during the match.

Before the start, players can select the Tier on which the match will be played;

All presets within the selected Tier are free and available for selection, regardless of the number of presets a player has unlocked.

List of changes

  • Reduced the base inertia strength;
  • Reduced the aim punch effect;
  • Reduced the blur effect when taking damage;
  • Reduced the camera shake effect while shooting.

Cleanup crew

  • Reworked the cleanup crew’s behavior in TeamFight mode: now they pursue both teams, regardless of their position on the location.

Body hitbox penetration rework

Reduced the penetration threshold values for the following hitboxes:

  • Forearm and Calf: from 20 to 5;
  • Shoulder and Thigh: from 20 to 10;
  • Neck: from 20 to 10;
  • Other Head hitboxes: from 20 to 15.

Reduced the bullet’s damage and penetration power reduction after penetration of the above hitboxes by 30-50% (depending on the hitbox and ammo).


  • Fixed the hit count display in the death widget;
  • Fixed the grenade placement on locations.

Balancing changes to presets


  • HK 416A5 assault rifle: replaced the SIG Sauer ROMEO8T sight with EOTech 553;
  • HK 416A5 assault rifle: replaced the AAC 762-SDN-6 sound suppressor with SilencerCo Saker ASR 556;
  • HK 416A5 assault rifle: replaced the M856A1 ammo with M855A1;
  • Ars Arma CPC MOD.1 plate carrier: reduced the TallCom Guardian ballistic plate durability from 100% to 65%;
  • Ars Arma CPC MOD.1 plate carrier: reduced the GAC 3s15m ballistic plate durability from 100% to 65%.


  • Steyr AUG A3 assault rifle: replaced the Burris FastFire 3 sight with Vortex Razor AMG UH-1.


  • DS Arms SA-58 assault rifle: replaced the M80 ammo with M62 Tracer;
  • 5.11 Tactical Hexgrid Plate Carrier: replaced the KITECO SC-IV SA (65% durability) ballistic plates with Cult Locust (75% durability).


  • ASh-12 assault rifle: replaced the 10-round magazines with 20-round magazines;
  • ASh-12 assault rifle: replaced the ASh-12 muzzle brake-compensator with ASh-12 sound suppressor;
  • Reduced the magazine count in inventory from 4 to 3.


  • CMMG Mk47 Mutant assault rifle: replaced the PP gzh ammo with BP gzh;
  • Ars Arma A18 Skanda plate carrier: replaced the GAC 4sss2 (60% durability) ballistic plates with Cult Locust (55% durability).


  • SIG MCX SPEAR assault rifle: replaced the Burris FastFire 3 sight with EOTech EXPS3.


  • KBP VSK-94 rifle: replaced the SP-5 gs ammo with SPP gs.
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