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About Us

We are a small new website trying to do our best. We are two family persons, trying to earn for their lives and make our families easily pass throughout the struggle of life. Life should be easier and we all know that, however, he might play with us sometimes. That’s why we decided to play him back by playing video games :). Is that alright?

We are Dejan (Dexter) and Angel (ANGE1K), two friends coming from a small country. We know how hard life can be. However, eventually, it will get better. That’s why we are doing this, hoping on bringing a lot of fans that will support our work. However, for now, we’ll just continue to work hard and never surrender, not even when we achieve our goals. That’s what “hard-working” means.

Our Goal

We aim to never surrender and make this website a nice community where people interact with video games. At first, we aim to bring as much news as we can, then, we aim to bring the best guides for games we play, writing reviews for games we’ve done, and lot more. We’re playing different genres of games, which sometimes might be hard for us, but hey, that’s what we do. As we said, we are two hard working guys trying to develop fresh content every single day.

We’ll just keep on going until we make our supporters happy. Future Game Releases will become your favorite website, just give us a time. We’re small, but we assure you, we’ll grow bigger.

After all, that’s what we aim for, right? 🙂

Not to forget, we just want to thank you all for supporting us. We honestly appreciate it! And last but not least, our favorite quote: “One Day…”. Put it in a front of a sentence and you’ll see our goals. You might even see yours too!