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Pokémon GO May 2024 Looks Promising, New Events, Special and Timed Research Quests Leaks

Trainers, the time is coming when Niantic and Pokémon GO need to reveal to us what’s coming next month, so hopefully, it will happen very soon. However, we have some info for May 2024, so let’s look below.

The last month of the World of Wonders Season is upon us, and we expect to see many interesting things, new events, Pokémon, Research storylines, and of course Go Fest 2024.

As we said above, there is still no official info about what will happen in May 2024, but thanks to well-known miners, we have more info that we would like to share with you.

We also have info on new things like a new attack, changes to Iris, and more that we expect to see in the coming month. Here is everything we have to share with you.

Pokémon GO May 2024 Content (as per datamine)

  • Necrozma Fusion Research
  • GO Fest Research
  • Crabrawler, Ducklett, Emolga Branched Research
  • Ultra Space Wonders 2024 event from May 23-28, featuring Mareanie, Raid Passes, and costume Pikachu (now removed from the GM file)
  • Naganadel Quest
  • Marshadow Quest
  • Timed Research: “A Glimpse of Daylight” and  “The Rise of Moonlight” – Dusk Mane Necrozma and Dawn Wings Necrozma quest

Pokémon GO Update v311.0 Changes

The miners also announced that the game will receive a new update, version 311.0, which is expected to go live starting next month, May 2024. They shared all the new things and changes, and we’ve listed them below.

  • Stations – new points of interests
  • Some changes to Iris
  • 2 new Pokédex categories
  • New values added
  • Favorite and Trips added to Routes
  • Shadow and Purified Pokemon will be shown in your teams
  • High Jump Kick attack added

May 2024 will be a great month for all Pokémon GO players, filled with many new things. In May we will also find out more information about the new season, the 15th in a row, so buckle up, this will be a wild ride.

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