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Priest steals $40k from a Church, spends them on Pokémon GO and other mobile games

There is some drama happening related to our beloved game named Pokémon GO, and I am really baffled at the whole situation. I am sure you will be too.

This news has been published almost a month ago, but you know, the problems Google has been in, I have seen it just now. I felt the need to report back to you, so that we can converse whether this is funny or not. In the case of the guilty, it is not though.

It has been officially reported that a Catholic priest located in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, has seemingly used the Church’s money on mobile games. This includes Pokémon GO too. The priest apparently had some of their fun chasing down Pokémon and purchasing items.

Yes, the priest used the Church’s money to buy things in several games, which are Candy Crush, Mario Kart Tour, and Pokémon GO. The Reverend spent around $41,000 over the last several years, and now they have been discovered for what they have done. The spending using the credit card that is tied to Saint Thomas More Parish can be tracked back from 2019, and Reverend Lawrence Kozak told investigators that he connected to his phone both the credit card and his personal bank account, and because of this, he unintentionally used the Church’s card. Reverend Lawrence Kozak also said that these purchases that he had made are for “powering up” and not targeted at gambling.

A messy situation this is indeed. Mind you, the whole thing was brought to light back in 2022 by church officials, and only now the drama has unfolded.

In the end, Reverend Lawrence Kozak had their fun, and I hope that they caught the Shiny Pokémon we all want to have.

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