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Update (Lunar and Solar Fusion Energy) – New Items Discovered for Pokémon GO Upcoming Fusion Feature

Update: Trainers, the Pokemod Group revealed the names of the new items, and of course shared them on X.

The new items are:

  • Lunar Fusion Energy
  • Solar Fusion Energy

Previous Story: Trainers, the Pokemod Group has discovered two new items in the Pokémon GO files, and it looks like the new items relate to the new, upcoming Fusion feature.

As you all know, Niantic and Pokémon GO are gearing up for GO Fest 2024, and they are slowly, slowly, revealing details. We have the event start date in all regions, and event gameplay details, but the most interesting thing is the debut of Necrozma.

Niantic and Pokémon GO confirmed that Necrozma will appear in the game for the first time, and will be available in Raids.

Necrozma has three different forms, Dusk Mane, Dawn Wings, and Ultra Necrozma. To get the Dusk Mane and Dawn Wings forms, you must do a Fusion with Solgaleo, and Lunala respectively.

Here are more details about Fusion in main Pokémon games.

Necrozma Fusion Details

Necrozma Fusion with Solgaleo (Dusk Mane Necrozma)

  • When Necrozma fuses with Solgaleo, it becomes Dusk Mane Necrozma
  • This fusion results in a Psychic/Steel-type Pokémon
  • Dusk Mane Necrozma gains access to powerful moves like Sunsteel Strike
  • It has a different appearance and enhanced stats compared to regular Necrozma
  • This fusion was introduced in the Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon games and is coming to Pokémon GO soon

Necrozma Fusion with Lunala (Dawn Wings Necrozma)

  • Fusing Necrozma with Lunala transforms it into Dawn Wings Necrozma
  • Dawn Wings Necrozma is a Psychic/Ghost-type Pokémon
  • It learns signature moves like Moongeist Beam after fusion
  • Like Dusk Mane Necrozma, its appearance and abilities change significantly

Necrozma Ultra Fusion (Ultra Necrozma)

  • In the Pokémon Ultra games, Necrozma can undergo Ultra Fusion with Solgaleo or Lunala to become Ultra Necrozma
  • Ultra Necrozma gains a huge power boost, becoming a Dragon/Psychic-type Pokémon
  • It learns exclusive moves like Photon Geyser, showcasing its enhanced abilities

The well-known miners, the Pokemod Group, have discovered two new items in the files, which appear to be related to Fusion.

In the main games, to do Fusion, you need N-Solarizer and N-Lunarizer. My opinion is that these two items will be used to make Fusion in Pokémon GO, but nothing is officially confirmed.

Now, these two items can also be Fusion Energy, just like Mega Energy. Let’s check them out below.

These are just our guesses, and until it’s officially announced, we can’t say anything for sure.

The Pokemod Group keeps track of all changes to the GM file and notifies us of all changes and new stuff. Thanks to them, we have collected information about Fusion in Pokémon GO so far, so if you want to see all the reports, visit their X account, or Discord.

Oh, I almost forgot. Necrozma can be shiny.

GO Fest 2024 is approaching, and we expect to see official info soon. Until then, stay tuned and get all the Pokémon GO news.

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  1. I have no experience with the older games and the concept of fusion in Pokemon, but this looks like a wonderful new addition to Pokemon GO. Giving players new game features to explore and mess around with is always a plus. I really enjoy the system with Mega evolving my Pokemon, so maybe this will become a fun thing as well.

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