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Payday 3 Patch 1.1.3 arrives on April 30, Patch Notes Revealed

Payday 3 has received a new patch 1.1.3. The patch landed today, April 30, and provides many fixes. Even though the game has lost its player base almost wholly, the developer is hoping to make them come back. As for the patch notes, you can find them below:

PAYDAY 3: Patch 1.1.3 Changelog

As we gear up for an intense summer for the PAYDAY 3 team, more and more features are finishing up, painting a more clear image of what the game should be. Our focus has been on stability and ensuring we can deliver what we want at the pace you want, and now finally we’re starting to see the fruits of that labor.

Update Highlights & New Features

  • Quickplay
    • This feature lets players join ongoing session, either in lobby or ongoing heists. This is our first iteration of quickplay and is a feature we hope to build on going forward.
  • Post-Game Party-Up
    • To help players find like-minded heisters with whom to do crime, there will now be an option post-game to let players vote to stick together as a party. Any players who click will be partied up, after all, crime is better with friends
  • Top Crash Causes Fixed
    • We’ve made significant improvements to our backend, making sure that games should be more stable overall. We solved the top offenders causing servers to crash or matches to fail, around 90+% of server crashes and with this patch, around 70% of client (game) crashes.
  • Shock Grenade
    • This grenade will create a short-time shock effect on the ground, disabling any enemy caught within. The big metal shields of the Shield units, the battery packs of the Zappers, and all the high-tech gear of the Techie will react poorly when faced with the high-intensity electrical currents of the shock grenade, killing them all instantly – nice.
  • Skip Mission Intro
    • You can now skip the intro fly-over, it’ll be skipped if all coop players or a single solo player vote to do so by pressing ‘escape’ on PC, ‘X’ on PS5 or ‘B’ on Xbox. We even added a settings option always to skip, should you prefer.
  • Escape Van Open For Business
    • Back by popular demand, you can now again feel the warm embrace of the escape van’s luxurious (and bullet proof) interiors as you jump inside the back to hide from the storm of bullets aimed at your face.
  • Unique Assault Rifle Inspect Animations
    • The KU-59, Northwest B-9, CAR-4 and VF-7S have each received their very own inspect animations as well as an animation improvement pass, so they should look a bit better when still and in motion. We’ll keep rolling these out as our animation team make them!

Known Issues

  • Players who have already reached level 39 prior to updating the game will not be able to equip the Shock Grenade immediately. Completing any heist on any difficulty will correctly unlock the Grenade for affected players.
  • Using ‘Hacker Aced’ alongside ‘Scrambler base’ should detonate Techie gun drones in a small area EMP, stunning those around it. Currently, while the drones will still detonate, the EMP effect is currently not working, meaning it won’t stun when detonated. A fix will be in the next patch.
  • If inspected when it’s completely out of ammo, the VF-7S will appear with a displaced barrel.
  • Certain weapons will appear with displaced attachments when previewed. This is not reflected in any heist but is only visible in their preview.
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