Payday 3 Team Acknowledges Player Dissatisfaction and Promises Improvements in February

Starbreeze Studios, the developer of Payday 3, is aware that many players are unsatisfied with the game’s current state. They have been actively reading player feedback on various platforms and are now putting together a team to address concerns and improve the game in the short and long term.

The team is working on a plan to turn player feedback into action and ensure that Payday 3 meets players’ expectations for a sequel in the heist shooter series. Starbreeze is taking the time to consider all possible improvements carefully and will provide a detailed plan for improvements in February, along with a timeline for their release.

As per the official Steam Post, the developer said:

We’re well aware that many of you aren’t satisfied with the game the way it is in its current state.Since launch, we’ve been reading your valuable feedback in forums, social media and in video comments in addition to the FeatureUpvote page. This helps us massively and is crucial to the continued development of PAYDAY 3.

Payday 3 was released in September 2023 for Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC. The game initially faced server issues and problems with players queuing for heists. Although the online issues were resolved, many players have complained about the game’s focus on challenges, the lack of CRIME.NET, and other missing features.

Despite strong initial sales, the game’s performance has suffered due to the issues. Starbreeze has since released patches to address some player concerns, including awarding Infamy Points for completing heists and increasing the health of AI crewmates. The developer is also looking into an offline mode but has not provided further details yet.

Players can expect more updates on Payday 3’s improvements in February.

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