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Payday 3 gets new improvements with patch 1.1.1, Patch Notes and more

Starbreeze Studios has released a new Payday 3 update. This update is a part of the Medic Bag operation initiative, which is supposed to improve the game and exceed players’ expectations. The update also brings Nvidia Image scaling upscaler, NIS, Nvidia DLAA v3.5, and Nvidia DLSS Super Resolution 3.5

With this update, the DirectX12 becomes the default graphics API, and players will be able to override to DX-11 by using the launch option -dx11. Without further ado, you can find the full changelog below.

PAYDAY 3: Patch 1.1.1 Changelog

Hello Heisters!

The first update as part of the Operation Medic Bag initiative. If you haven’t heard of it before, Operation Medic Bag is what we call the project meant to bring PAYDAY 3 up to the expectations of you heisters. You can read more about the project and what we’ve set out to achieve this year in the original blog post.

Following this update, we’ll be busy preparing for a whole new way of working. Our team has already started preparing our tech for a quicker and smoother update procedure. That means, once updates resume, they will be more frequent.

Update Highlights
  • Nvidia Image scaling upscaler (NIS), Nvidia DLAA(v3.5), Nvidia DLSS super resolution(v3.5).
    • Some new tech features that let us take advantage of Nvidia’s advanced features.
  • DirectX 12
    • Added DirectX12 as the standard graphics API, inhouse testing shows a significant performance improvement when using DX12.
      DX11 remains and can be manually chosen with the launch option “-dx11”.
  • Hardcore “Cook Off” Challenge Reward
    • There’s a new challenge called “Kiss the Chef.”
      Securing 19 bags of perfectly cooked meth on Cook Off on OVERKILL difficulty will reward a unique weapon charm
  • Various UI Improvements
    • We’ve made several fixes to the UI, such as adding sliders, as well as added the much requested lobby unready function.
  • Controller Dead Zone settings
    • Additional controller settings allow for a much finer customization of your controller gameplay.
  • Rotating Security Modifiers
    • Starting with this patch, we’ll be rotating security modifiers on all heists for Very Hard and Overkill difficulty, to freshen up the experience. We’ll be updating the modifier distribution every two weeks. In the future, expect more stealth modifiers and loud modifiers in the rotation.
  • Game State Consistency
    • The game will now remember if you’ve chosen to show or hide the story videos in the heist selection even after restarting the game.
    • Lobby type and difficulty will now automatically be set to the same as the previous game.
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