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Pokémon GO Bug causing Snowy Castform to appear in tropical locations

When I was little, I despised summer. So to help with the hot weather, I imagined that I was on a snowy mountain somewhere, with temperatures as low as they can be, and that instantly cooled off my body. I guess that is what Snowy Castform is doing to Trainers living in tropical locations.

Imagine, you are outside, the temperatures are high, and you open Pokémon GO to see a snowy Pokémon. It is absurd, right? Well, that is what happened to a lot of Trainers, where Snowy Castform appeared on their screen. So yes, there appears to be a bug in Pokémon GO where instead of Sunny Castform, Trainers in tropical locations are seeing Snowy Castform.

It is quite funny though, you have to admit that. While we don’t know the exact problem, some Trainers say that the recent Biome update, where Castform spawns out of its designated weather. So you might see Rain Castform where there isn’t any rain, or in this case, Snowy Castform in a location where snow is long, long gone.

Snowy Castform in tropical country
byu/Lacrouse inTheSilphRoad

I just hope that Trainers can get Shiny Snowy Castform, or whichever Castform spawns on their maps.

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