REYNATIS coming to the west on September 27, 2024

I am always feeling great when I see games coming to all markets. That is what will happen with an upcoming game, and we have to get prepared to see their greatness.

A game called REYNATIS was supposed to be a Japan-exclusive game, however, the Gods of Games have decided that every player on the planet is going to see the amazingness of the game. REYNATIS’ first launch date is scheduled in Japan, on July 25, 2024. There, the game will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. There will also be a PC version, but that one will come with the rest of the roster, once the game gets its global release.

The west however, will get the game on September 27, 2024. NIS America told us this info, and they have said that the game will be available on the same platforms as the game is available on in Japan, which are PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC (again, the PC version in Japan will be available from September 27).

If you are a fan of it, you can pre-order the Limited Edition of REYNATIS for $99.99. Players will get a copy of the game, collector’s box, art book, acrylic art print, multi-panel art print, and a digipak original mini soundtrack.

To much of our delight, there will be a special crossover content wit NEO: The World Ends With You from Square Enix.

A little bit more info on the game though, since I know you all want to be prepared for everything.

REYNATIS is an action RPG where players will dive into the streets of Shibuya. The citizens there have a great fear of magic, and the power that it comes with. Because this is fantasy in a reality world, wizards must conceal their inhuman abilities, or face the wrath of the citizens of Shibuya.

Your task as the player is to act as Marin, a wizard who must meet Sari, an officer of the MEA, an organization that is meant to keep wizards safe, and under control, in case one of them goes rogue. You can always choose to be oppressed, or you can show your true abilities.

Check out the trailer, and see for yourself.

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