Palworld How to Slide on PC and Xbox for Insane Speeds?

Palworld fans, get ready for a cool feature in the game, sliding. That’s right, you can use sliding to zip around faster, even on the smallest slopes.

Sliding in Palworld is pretty straightforward and doesn’t need much skill. If you’re playing on a PC, just run and hit the ‘C’ key. The steeper the hill, the faster your character slides, and it can get so quick that the sliding animation barely keeps up. When you combine this fast slide with parachuting, you can reach areas of the game much sooner than usual.

For those on Xbox, it’s just as simple. While sprinting, press and hold the B button to start sliding.

This speed boost from sliding is not just fun, it’s super useful. You can slide down hills and reach incredible speeds. We recommend giving it a try and seeing how fast you can slide in Palworld.

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