Palworld Pro Tip, Use the Slide Option to Boost Parachute Speed

Palworld just got more exciting with a feature some players might not know about yet, sliding. This isn’t just for show, it’s a useful trick, especially when combined with parachuting. A player recently shared a video demonstrating how sliding can speed up your parachute movement significantly, three times faster.

The key is the momentum you gain from sliding down hills. The steeper the hill, the faster you slide. When this speed is so high, the usual slide animation can’t even keep up. And here’s the best part, if you slide and then parachute, you can reach further places in the game much earlier than expected.

Wondering how to slide in Palworld on PC? It’s easy. Just run and press the ‘C’ key. Remember to use this on downhill paths. It’s a great way to move quickly without using any stamina.

Xbox players can also slide by pressing/holding B while sprinting.

So, next time you’re in Palworld, try this slide-and-parachute method to explore the game’s world faster and more efficiently.

You can use the momentum from sliding to increase how fast you parachute by tenfold
byu/HollowLoch inPalworld

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