Takuro Mizobe: “Tencent is already making a Palworld clone”

A while back, there was some drama in the gaming community, due to similarities of two games, but who are we to judge, right?

Well, the similar game named Palworld is now getting a look-a-like game, and I am not surprised that this is happening. If you didn’t hear anything about Palworld, I have to ask you, do you live under a rock?

Palworld is the game that brought some chaos in the gaming community, and many said that it was too similar to another game. There are Pals, there is the action of catching them, but the difference is that these Pals act as your servants, and you can do anything with them. You can also eat them, if you like.

You know which game Palworld is similar to, right? Well, the irony here is that the Pocketpair CEO, Takuro Mizobe, vented a little bit on X, accusing Tencent of developing a, in Mizobe’s words, a Palworld clone. At first, his actions were understood, but let’s be honest, Palworld really shares some assets with the Pocket Monsters.

However, his vent ended in a positive note, that this is “amazing times”.

This is expected though. A clone of a masterpiece getting a clone, and that clone getting another clone. But which one will be the best though?

What is the game he is accusing of being a “Palworld clone” you may ask? The game is called Auroria, which is an open-world, cooperative sandbox game. The gameplay is set in a blue planet, a part of the Beia Galaxy. There are your pals, with which you will design the Base and survive together with these creatures.

I can’t wait to see what turn will this story take.

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