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Mordhau celebrates 5th anniversary with the Demon Horde Update

April 29, 2024  marks a massive milestone for the medieval melee combat game Mordhau, as developer Triternion rolls out Patch #29, introducing the chilling Demon Horde mode and kicking off a two-week 5th Anniversary Event. Fans can participate in celebrations until May 13th, with exclusive rewards.

The launch trailer for the Demon Horde and further details about the update can be found below:

5 Year Anniversary Event – April 29th to May 13th 2024: Players joining the game during this time-limited anniversary event will be rewarded with an exclusive in-game emblem and banner to commemorate MORDHAU’s legacy. Plus, enjoy extra GOLD and XP throughout the event.

Demon Horde: As part of the anniversary patch, the Horde Mode has undergone a substantial overhaul. This classic game mode is revitalised with revamped maps, inventory system enhancements, skill tree adjustments, the introduction of new NPC adversaries, and an array of fresh weaponry. Did somebody say “Blunderbuss”?

New Map Variants: Castello, Mountain Peak and Totenwald have undergone a hellish transformation, infused with demonic energy and swarming with fresh enemies.. Amidst the chaos, the players must navigate through a variety of objectives, each demanding a different approach, culminating in a final battle.

Difficulty scaling – Prestige: We are introducing a new difficulty scaling system in the Demon Horde maps – Prestige. Consecutive wins will increase the Prestige level by 35%, while consecutive losses will reduce it by 20%. This feature ensures that the challenge level dynamically adjusts according to player performance.

Horde Skills rework: Many of the existing Horde skills have been updated to work with the new Demon Horde mode and offer returning players a broader range of options to tailor their gaming experience.

Blessed Weapons: Players will have the ability to bless weapons at Altars for a fee, granting them enhanced damage and giving them new abilities or alterations. We have also introduced new weaponry to combat the demonic forces. Can you find them all?
New DLC Content: Introducing the Adventurer Pack, consisting of four unique armour sets incorporating fantasy elements.

Mordhau Patch #29 04/29/2024


New game mode – Demon Horde


Fixed the objective-skip exploit on Castello and Totenwald
Totenwald – Added anti-toolbox area to inner attic
Castello – Fixed weapon collision with bushes
Grad – Fixed an invisible wall near the gate

Horde – Demon Horde

Added Demon Horde Castello map
Added Demon Horde Mountain Peak map
Added Demon Horde Totenwald map
Removed non-Demon Horde maps from official Horde server rotation during the duration of the 5th Anniversary event. All Horde maps can still be hosted on community servers


Added Spiked Club skin for the Eveningstar
Added Gambeson Tunic, Arms and Hands skin
Added new DLC – Adventurer Pack, which includes:
Arkanist complete armor set and the Arkanist Staff
Fallen Knight complete armor set and the Fallen Knight Messer and Heater Shield
Huntsman complete armor set and the Huntsman Longbow
Warrior complete armor set and the Warrior Waraxe


Fixed Horde customization not being saved after switching armor tier
Fixed Horde action button description
Added “Official Only” filter to the server-list search
Updated unofficial server naming limitations to combat offensive terms
Fixed scoreboard action-menu bug that caused the loss of focus on the desired player when the selected player would change the positioning on the scoreboard
Fixed input soft-lock caused by circle saw killing character on respawn

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