Epic Games announces two new Free Games for this week

Drum roll, please.

Epic Games has revealed the two new free-to-claim games for this week, which are INDUSTRIA and LISA: The Definitive Edition. Both of the games will be free-to-claim starting today, until May 2.


INDUSTRIA is a first-person shooter that transports players to a withering, dystopian world on the brink of collapse. The game is set during the fall of the Berlin Wall, and it merges historical events with alternate realities. Players find themselves on a quest to find a missing person, only to dive into a world filled with surreal threats and anomalies. The game’s narrative is rich with intrigue and bolstered by a haunting, atmospheric soundtrack that amplifies the intensity of the gameplay.


  • Profound story: Experience a classic story-driven first-person shooter with about 4 hours of gameplay
  • Tight atmosphere: Dive into a lovingly designed world full of mystery and lynchesque surreality
  • Deadly danger: Enemies lurk around every corner – defend yourself with 4 different weapons
  • Unique setting: Berlin at the time of the fall of the wall meets a surreal industrialized city
  • Experimental soundtrack: Synthesizer, acoustic instruments and melancholic vocals

LISA: The Definitive Edition

LISA: The Definitive Edition is a dark narrative-driven experience. This RPG heavily depends on the player’s choice, as its storyline is completely guided by it. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Players take the journey of Brad, a man who’s in search of redemption. The Definitive Edition includes both the original narrative-driven RPG LISA: The Painful and its sequel LISA: The Joyful.

If you ever want to stray from your daily gaming routines and try something new but don’t want to waste money for it, you can always go to the Epic Games store and get a fair share of free titles each week. Don’t forget to check their free-games section each week.

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