Gray Zone Warfare “Hazardous Treasures” Quest Guide

The Hazardous Treasures quest is given by Handshake, and it asks you to eliminate 10 people at the Sawmill and find a metal container.

Hazardous Treasures Quest Details

Listen up! I’ve got an important task for you, and I need your full commitment, okay? We got reports of materials being transported from Ground Zero, and they are popping up all over the place. It is of utmost importance that we secure them all. The boss was very clear about that, so I suggest you stop whatever you’re doing and focus strictly on this.

The reports are still coming in, and I’m gonna keep updating you as you progress. What we know now is that those paramilitaries at the sawmill got a hold of one of the containers used to transport whatever is in there, so pack your gear, head out there, neutralize any threats, and secure the cargo. By the time you’re done, we’ll hopefully have more info about other possible points of interest.

Understood? Good. Don’t waste any time, and get to it!


  • Eliminate 10 hostiles at the sawmill
  • Retrieve the container from the sawmill
    • Locate the container
  • Eliminate 10 hostiles at Blue Lagoon
  • Retrieve the container from Blue Lagoon
    • Locate the container
  • Eliminate the hostiles at Hunter’s Paradise
  • Retrieve the container from Hunter’s Paradise
    • Locate the container
  • Eliminate 10 hostiles at Ban Pa
  • Retrieve the container from Ban Pa
    • Locate the container
  • Eliminate 10 hostiles at Pha Lang Airfield
  • Retrieve the container from Pha Lang Airfield
    • Locate the container


  • MK18
  • USD 10,000/50,000
  • 2x QRKit
  • Elite 4
  • Snuck 908 Secure Container


The first part is quite straightforward and asks you to eliminate 10 guards at the Sawmill, however finding the container could be tricky. So first:

Kill 10 enemies at the Sawmill

Find the container

The container is in a locked room, which can be accessed with a key only. The key needed is the Sawmill Office Storage Room Key, or short, SM-Ostrg. I think only the boss drops the key. I have been farming it for quite a bit, and no other enemy dropped it except for him. It’s also a rare drop.

Container Location

The container is located in the Office building and it’s accessible only with key “SM-Ostrg” (check images below):

Close-up images of the container:

Eliminate 10 enemies at Blue Lagoon


Container at Blue Lagoon


Closeup Images:

After turning this back, you will be given a new task.

Eliminate 10 hostiles at Hunter’s Paradise

Head over to Hunter’s Paradise and eliminate 10 people.

Container Location

As for the container, it is locked inside the Weapon Storage, which needs the key HP Wep to access.

Eliminate 10 Hostiles in Ban Pa

Now we are instructed to go to Ban Pa. After eliminating 10 enemies, then we’ll need to find the container. The container is located inside the Elder’s House.

Ban Pa Container Location

Pha Lang Airport Eliminate 10 enemies

The next task asks us to go to Pha Lang Airfield and do the same. Eliminate 10 enemies and find the container.

Pha Lang Airfield Container location

YBL-1 Container Location

The container is in the office room inside the bunker, floor 2. As you may notice, the images below are kind of low quality because I was alone there, got killed, and then came back and had to Shadowplay all of it.

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