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Pokémon GO Turkey and Pakistan Have the Most Expensive PokéCoins Deals, USA and Brazil Offer the Best Prices

Some changes have been happening in the world, and it seems that these changes also got into Pokémon GO, especially the prices in the game.

Several players have gone onto X (formerly Twitter) to see what exactly has been happening with the price changes in the game, and this has affected every country where Pokémon GO is available. Some countries have really good deals, but some have deals that aren’t sustainable, given the wages and other economic factors that are tied with the financial sphere.

Well, it has baffled me that most countries have good deals, but looking at Turkey and Pakistan, the deals that Pokémon GO is offering to the players there, related to PokéCoins, I have to say that they are outrageous.

The Purchasing Power Parity, known as PPP, is really affecting the Trainers from these two countries, where the PokéCoins deals offered by Pokémon GO are nearly the same price as a monthly rent. If you factor in the PPP, Brazil and the United States have the best prices for their Trainers, but when it comes to other countries, oh boy, the PokéCoins deals are high up there.

This has been going on for quite some time, and it looks like Niantic and Pokémon GO aren’t really trying to correct the prices. It is not great to have a game that “requires” in some way for its Trainers to purchase a PokéCoins deal with the cost of a monthly pay.

Does Niantic want to appreciate its Trainers, or does it want to make them quit the game?

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