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PUBG Event Mode 8-man Squad & 2x AR is now available on the live servers

Friday night is the right time for the new game mode in PUBG, and as Bluehole stated, it surely is quite dynamic and fun to play. It is an eight-man squad, which is quite a lot. Also, the new event mode is expected to change every two weeks or so and give us other game modes as we go further.

As we have said before, it is expected Bluehole to add multiple other game modes, which are going to bring more fun to the game. Let’s talk about the game a bit.

I remember falling in the military. There were three teams. Everyone was shooting everyone. That’s the only thing I firmly remember of. It was very crazy and dynamic; everyone had a gun. However, the meds are probably with the same drop rate as in regular matchmaking.

It’s probably a reason to be there, and an intention to be left as it is at this moment, giving the servers a chance to breathe since most of the players being killed are leaving the match. The only bad thing in this event mode is that you cannot team up with 8 Friends, and Bluehole should enable this as soon as possible.

The only downside in the event mode is that players cannot team up as eight since Bluehole hasn’t allowed any of that. Four is still the max allowed number in the party creation, so 3 of our friends were left behind and pushed to queue up at the same time as us. Sadly, we haven’t been able to team up with them after multiple tries.

Overall, it’s quite a beautiful occasion for everyone to take a break from PUBG ranked and get a bit fun and laugh by playing the new Event mode.



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