PUBG will include Map Selection allowing players to skip Miramar or Erangel by the click of a mouse button

PUBG is finally making a move. We have stated multiple times that adding map selection shall become a thing in PUBG, especially after the addition of the third map, SAVAGE. Well, it appears that even without it coming, map selection in PUBG shall become a thing. This has been announced today, and PUBG Corp has stated the feature is going to be added mostly because of players’ feedback.

Yes, lots of players have been wanting to avoid Miramar and keep on playing on Erangel, despite the numerous changes Miramar has received. Players do believe it is an enormous update and letting them choose their map is the fairest thing to do. However, PUBG Corp was scared of releasing this feature because of the possible future matchmaking hiccups.

However, things are being done, and ideas are getting implemented. This feature will first become available on the Test Servers for later to come on the Live Servers if proven to be successful.

Choosing your favorite map that you would like to play on will be easy. There will be an option on the main menu UI, where players could quickly tick the map they want to play on. Players could also opt-in and select both of the maps, letting the game to choose a map for them randomly, so they could somewhat comfortably remain on the old map selection system.

As Bluehole claimed, the work is almost complete, and players could get this very soon. They have also said that PUBG will never stop evolving and they will be looking to grow based on players’ feedback, rather than make adjustments all by themselves.

PUBG Keeps on developing, despite the fact it has reached specific heights that no other game has ever done it before. Therefore, the amount of support received by the community shall only grow, since having a both-sided healthy relationship is always much appreciated.

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