Helldivers 2 surpasses 360,000 concurrent players, struggles with server load

Arrowhead Game Studios’ CEO Johan issued a statement addressing Helldivers 2’s technical issues after a significant surge in its player base.

Despite deploying fixes for reward allocation and login processes, the game experienced server overload due to unprecedented player traffic.

The studio has taken steps to manage server demand, doubling the rate limiter for connections and expanding the total capacity for concurrent users from 250,000 to 360,000.

However, this increase was quickly outpaced as the player count escalated to 360,000 within five and a half minutes.

The persistence of login issues has been noted. Johan explains that if the number of login requests exceeds the threshold or the servers are already at total capacity, players might still encounter difficulties accessing the game. The increased capacity, though helpful, has not entirely mitigated the issue.

Johan also touched on the reward system problems, stating that while the fix has reduced the issue, it has not been fully resolved.

The ongoing maintenance may not prevent the high traffic from affecting the server’s ability to track rewards correctly.

Acknowledging the frustration, especially for those keen on progression and unlocking new gear, Johan apologized and assured players that the team was diligently working to rectify the problems.

He also highlighted the importance of allowing the team to rest, suggesting they return after a break to tackle the issues anew.

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