Gray Zone Warfare

Which faction to choose in Gray Zone Warfare?

While it's a completely a preference, this is what you should know.

So, you’ve been diving into Gray Zone Warfare, and now you’re thinking of picking up the best Faction? Well, even though they are not that different, and you’re good with picking up each of them, you can still have a favorite. So this article is mainly for those who are in a huge dilemma, and we’ll hopefully help them pick up one from Lamang, Mithras and Crimson.

Namely, if you ask us, since the quests are the same, all that is important is where your base is situated and where you feel comfortable spawning. Whether it is the top left, top right, or bottom middle of the map, it’s up to you to decide.

Lamang Recovery Initiative (LRI)

Lamang’s Recovery Initiative’s base is located in the North-East side of the map, or top-right corner. The Lamang Recovery Initiative, founded by a philanthropic tech billionaire, is at the heart of the game’s narrative. This faction is purely altruistic, focusing on rescuing and protecting survivors in the areas around Ground Zero, a location forsaken even by the UN. LRI is characterized by small, elite security teams who not only engage in rescue operations but also ensure the protection of these survivors from less benevolent factions. They have a good approach and strategy before going out on the battlefield.

Mithras Security Systems

Mythrase’s base is located south and in the middle of the map and that’s where you start all your operations from. Mithras Security Systems is a Private Military Company (PMC) built on a robust foundation of loyalty and reward, drawing inspiration from the Roman Legion’s structure. Comprised of soldiers serving soldiers, Mithras prides itself on accepting only the most skilled operatives, paying generously for their services. The faction’s philosophy centers on pragmatism and shared success, with the spoils of war distributed among its members.

Crimson Shield International

Crimson Shield International’s base is located at the Northwest side of the map, or in common words top-left corner of the map. Crimson Shield International is known for its effectiveness and vicious approach to operations. Originating during the Syrian civil war, this PMC has a 95% success rate. Their methods have often been controversial due to collateral damage. The faction attracts those who’re addicted to adrenaline and chaos.

Gray Zone Warfare Factions

So, which one are you choosing to be your main faction?

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