Gray Zone Warfare “The Negotiator” Quest Guide

The Negotiator is a quest in Gray Zone Warfare given by Gunny. The quest asks you to find the negotiator, so let’s get to it.

The Negotiator Quest Details

We’ve got a big problem. Our enlightened head operator sent a bunch of our boys to negotiate a cease-fire with those rebels you found in the old Soviet bunker, and guess what happened? They didn’t return and we lost contact with them. S***! I told that wise-a** it was a bad idea to send them there, but he insisted that the potential danger was lower than the possible return. That d*** idiot.

I know the kind of people these rebels are. They are ruthless brutes and intransigent extremists. To them we are just intruders who have invaded their land, no better than the corrupt Lamang army. All the negotiation nonsense was doomed from the start.

Go to YBL-1, find out what happened to our men and bring them back if possible. I hope it’s not too late. Don’t hold back, weapons free. The time has come to end this farce and do what we are best at.


  • Find the negotiator


  • M870
  • USD 7,000/50,000
  • Experience: 1000
  • Reputation: +150


You would need a key to get there. The human is located in the bunker in YBL-1 and you need to get to him and identify his body. The key is called YBL-OFC2 and can be found around the enemies. Keep in mind that the body is on -1.

Check the video below:

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