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DayZ Rolls Out PC Experimental 1.23 Update 2, Offering Various Fixes and Changes

Bohemia Interactive has released a new DayZ PC Experimental 1.23 Update 2, version 1.23.156843. Launched on October 12, 2023, the update addresses a series of glitches, bugs, and other issues while adjusting the game settings.

PC Experimental 1.23 Update 2 – Version 1.23.156843 Patch Notes



  • The sea chest did not have visible inventory space
  • Triggering a bear trap would prevent the character from using emotes and placing items
  • When attaching plugged-in Xmas lights to a tent, a ghost model of the lights would appear inside of the tent
  • Padded gloves could not be damaged while on the ground
  • Padded gloves would end on their side when thrown
  • Fixed instances of clipping of items with the padded gloves
  • The winter coif could slide indefinitely when thrown
  • It was possible to push cars from unreasonable distances and directions
  • Fixed instances of clipping of items with the Petushok hat
  • When entering a server password, the bottom left corner would show “Context toolbar” at the bottom right
  • Fixed individual animation glitches for the DMR
  • The DMR did not have the correct item health
  • Shadows under bright night setting were too dark


  • Tweaked the lighting config


  • Fixed minor clipping issues on the Vybor Air Base (NWAF)


  • Fixed: Infected did not spawn loot


  • Fixed: The launcher would not update correctly when re-enabling the Livonia DLC
  • Fixed: The launcher would not display properly when stretched extra wide (
  • Fixed: It was possible to start the game from the launcher without accepting the BattlEye license


  • Changed: Exposed ‘moonDayIntensity’ and ‘moonNightIntensity’ in ‘DefaultLighting’ to config, previously hardcoded in 1.22 and earlier as 1.0 and 5.0 respectively


  • When entering a false password, access to the server might be prevented until server restart – a fix is in internal testing
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