Arms Race 2 Releases on December 5 on Steam and EGS

The release date for Arms Race 2 inches closer. Set against the dramatic backdrop of the Cold War, this game promises an intense dive into the tense confrontations and high-stakes maneuvers between the USA and the USSR.

Arms Race 2 isn’t just another strategy game; it’s an experience. From the 1950s to the 1990s, players get to relive five decades of competition, fear, and secret dealings that characterized the global chess match between two superpowers. Whether you’re deploying military units, sending spies on covert missions, or launching rockets into space, each decision carries weight and consequences.

  • Historical Depth
    • Dive into a setting that offers a genuine representation of the Cold War. Every event, unit, and name in the game has been thoughtfully chosen to reflect history.
  • Tactical Flexibility
    • Engage in diverse strategies from espionage to direct military intervention. Establish spy networks, intervene through the UN, or even sway public opinion through propaganda.
  • Global Impact
    • Your actions aren’t isolated. Key historical events play out, influencing not just the superpowers, but also neutral regions across the world.
  • In-depth Management
    • Beyond military actions, players can influence governmental structures, industrialization, and even international cooperation to shape the game’s landscape.

A follow-up to the famous “Arms Race – The Cold War Era” by Alina Digital, “Arms Race 2” comes with an updated look and feel. While retaining the core mechanics and DLCs from its predecessor, AR2 boasts of a revamped user interface and added features. One notable upgrade is in the game mechanic of “Global Consequences”, reflecting community feedback.

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