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Halls of Torment March 11 Patch brings new features, content, and bug fixes

Halls of Torment received a new patch on March 11, bringing new features, content, and bug fixes. The update has already been deployed and is available to download. Without further ado, you can find the patch notes below.

Halls of Torment March 11 Patch Notes

Greetings Adventurers

It’s time for another ritual to summon new features, content, and bug fixes. First of all we’d like to thank the Godot community for finding a fix for the dreaded audio problems that users with low-latency interfaces experienced.

But besides that, we have also some new hexes on the table: Lord hexes, to be precise. You probably already have encountered one for the Lord of Pain in the Haunted Caverns. Now we’ve added one in each level for, one for each Lord. Happy hunting!

Please note, this patch will be released on the experimental branch first and will go live on Tuesday the 12th March 2024.

If you wish to receive the patch early, please join the beta branch “Experimental”

Patch Notes

  • Fixed an issue that could lead to crashes whenever bullets or effects were duplicated.
  • Fixed a crash caused by the “Adaptation”-Trait of Spectral Fists when “Cunning Technique” was picked afterwards.
  • Fix: Spawn rate in Chambers of Dissonance would not increase with Agony.
  • Added custom key bindings for “Auto Aim” and “Pause” in the settings.
  • Added hexes for all Lords
  • Lords have new and improved sounds
  • The Lords have reinforcements

Ability Upgrades

  • Arcane Rifts upgrade: added three new upgrades that change the element of the rifts. Only one upgrade can be chosen.
  • Added “Arcane Rifts Specialist”-Quest
  • Kugelblitz upgrade “Final Discharge” has been added. Kugelblitz finishes in a strong explosion.
  • “Kugelblitz Specialist”-Quest has been added.
  • Flamestrike can now be transformed into “Froststrike” with a new ability upgrade.
  • New quest “Flamestrike”-Specialist has been added.

Bug Fixes

  • Dragon’s Breath, Refined Flame: The value changes for Attack Speed and Burn Damage have been fixed.
  • Fix: Champions in Chambers of Dissonance could still get the “Fast Walker” modifier.
  • Fixed Trait: “Fusion” (Meteor Strikes) -> Rel. -> Abs. Crit Bonus
  • Fixed Trait: “Accuracy X” (Transfixion) -> Description
  • Fixed Trait: “Proficient Stance IV” (Sage) -> Damage Value
  • Fixed Trait: “Frost Affinity” -> Description
  • Fix: Warlock main attack -> Counts now as Summon for Multistrike & Attack Speed
  • Fixed Quest: Spirit Warrior Specialist -> no more tracking from other abilities
  • Fixed an issue that caused Base Attack Speed to affect attacks that are triggered by distance moved.
  • Fixed Sage description -> Movement Speed is actually 4.5m/s not 4.0m/s
  • Breakables will no longer add damage to the damage statistics.
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