Helldiver meets Palworld in Fan Art, A Great Crossover Concept

Pal tamers, a very interesting illustration, made by telenova_tiberium, has appeared on the Palworld Reddit, which is currently the channel’s top. Fans of both Palworld and Helldivers video games have the top comments, so let’s take a look below at what it’s all about.

What do you think of a future co-op between Palworld and Helldivers? Well, a fan shared his idea, which could be the beginning of the collaboration. Who knows, maybe it will happen one day. Anyway, the illustration shows a Helldiver waking up in Palworld, with three Pals above him.

And guess who these Pals are? Just as the official launch trailer begins, it’s Lamball, Cattiva, and Chikipi.

In the next scene, let’s call it a comic, Lamball is scared and doesn’t know what to expect, who is this soldier? Where did it come from? Will he tame me or is today my last day? Fortunately for us, and the happiness of all Pals, the resident of Super Earth decided to pamper Lamball and gave him a special chocolate.

Wait, wait, isn’t this a new mission? Perhaps his goal is to take over the world of Palworld. However, he came armed to the teeth, ready for action.

Helldiver isekaid into palworld
byu/telenova_tiberium inPalworld

What do you think? What will happen next? Will they remain Pals, or will relationships break down?

All kidding aside, kudos for the job done, and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

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