Gray Zone Warfare “Deal of the Century” Quest Guide

Deal of the Century is a quest in Gray Zone Warfare, given by Banshee. The quest asks you to get evidence from Fort Narith and give it back to him.


Ah, it’s good to see you again. Listen, do you remember the jets and how shitty they looked? I can’t stop thinking about them. You see, I’ve heard some interesting rumors about a deal to modernize the Lamangese air forces… well, and the description you brought doesn’t add up.

I’m really curious. I want you to go to Fort Narith HQ and look for documents that might shed some light on this mystery. It is obvious that someone f***** up… be it on purpose or by mistake; we better find out. You know how it is in this business; every bit of dirt matters, and if I could get my hands on some… You know what? I had a good enough tough-guy reason prepared, but f*** it.

Let’s start with a clean slate. This is probably a hard pill to swallow, but I’m an Interpol agent named James Miller, and I’m not looking for this kind of information because I want to blackmail people, but because I want to arrest them. In fact, everything you’ve done for me has been for the greater good. I’ve checked your background and tested you enough times to make an educated decision; you won’t rat me out. It’s not in your nature. You keep quiet when it comes to your clients.

I would really appreciate it if you would help me find enough evidence to take down the big shots that are exploiting this country.


  • Retrieve the evidence and report back to Banshee
  • Locate the evidence


  • Mos 590
  • Experience 2000
  • Reputation 200


The quest asks you to go to the headquarters building in Fort Narith to find and retrieve a document. The document is on the second floor, left and you’ll see Office 2-2.


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