Fortnite: Where to Search the X on the Treasure Map Signpost in Paradise Palms

After acquiring the signpost in Paradise Palms, we need to head to where the X mark is. That would be hard to miss, as according to its looks, it is located in Frosty Flights. This is a simple guide to “Search the X on the Treasure Map Signpost in Paradise Palms”. It is very straightforward, and after doing the first part of the challenge, you just need to acquire the hidden battle star in Frosty Flights.

Below you can take a look of the signpost map, marking the treasure spot with an X. That indicates the exact position of the treasure, as it is located on the west side (or the beginning) of the airport in Frosty Flights.

Even if the location is pretty much already known by lots of players, we’ll try to further simplify its position on the image below:

If you zoom on the image above, you’ll notice that the map perfectly fits the Frosty Flights environment. Knowing that the treasure is located at the beginning of the airport.

For a more detailed view, you could check over the video created by Solace Entertainment of where exactly the X mark treasure is located.

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