Fall Guys is coming to Fortnite, Epic Games and People Can Fly to create their own Fall Guys game modes

This just in, guys, and I am really excited to see it coming.

The world-class leaker named Shiina, is at it again. You might know her through the first-hand leaks for Fortnite, and they have all come true, no matter how outrageous they could look and sound. I am absolutely stunned by them, and I hope that they will continue to do the exact same thing they are doing now.

Fortnite is one of the most known games in the world at the moment, and it is an online game that is developed by Epic Games. It has been in the gaming world since 2017, and since then it has gotten a big recognition by fellow gamers. But the biggest recognition Fortnite has gotten is from me, this young writer right here. You know how tough it is for a game to get a positive “review” from me.

On the other hand, Fall Guys is a newer game, developed by Mediatonic. It is also an online game, just like Fortnite, but this is where players can control the bean-shaped characters the game is known for. Players can also compete against eachother, and select minigames to pass the time. If you think these are easy, well, this is where you are wrong. You should give Fall Guys a try, you will not regret it.

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s get back to Shiina. This great person has leaked that there will be a Fall Guys x Fortnite collab, where players can create Fall Guys-themed minigames, but in Fortnite Creative. Wow, this is mind-boggling. There will be Fall Guys modes as well. As stated, this is supposed to happen in the next 15 to 45 days from today, April 17, 2024. So I guess that by June 1, 2024, we will go wild in Fortnite Creative, and we won’t know where to start with the wackiness. We might not have Fall Guys skins, but we will surely do have some bean colors.

Again, this is supposed to happen in the next 15 to 45 days, so keep an eye out for the running beans.

I am going for pink, maybe blue. Oh, green would look amazing.

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