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Fortnite 28.30 Maintenance, Patch Notes and More

As Epic Games brings Fortnite’s matchmaking servers down, we’re here to share some news.

Fortnite players are waiting the rollout of the 28.30 update across platforms such as PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Android.

It’s important to note that this significant update will result in a temporary server downtime. The game’s matchmaking feature will be suspended, leading to a complete service pause until it’s fully deployed.

The upcoming update is set to introduce an exciting collaboration with the legendary musician, Lady Gaga, as a highlight.

This collaboration is a part of the second season of the Fortnite Festival, scheduled from February 22 to April 22.

Included in the Fortnite Talent Festival Pass are new Jam Tracks, instruments themed after Lady Gaga, and the mysterious Gaga Outfit.

Moreover, the update is expected to incorporate files for the upcoming Fortnite Crew Pack, alongside new items for the shop.

It’s also possible that fans will get a sneak peek at the countdown to the season’s end and the theme for Season 2.

Datamined content

As for the patch notes, you can check below.

Fortnite 28.30 Patch Notes


  • Players are unable to bind the Touchpad on PlayStation controllers
    • Players are unable to bind the touchpad on PlayStation controllers


  • Shuffle Loadout option missing
    • We’re aware that the Shuffle Loadout option is currently unavailable in the new Locker UI for players to switch up their look every match.
  • Byte’s face may warp strangely
    • When using the Mask (On) Edit Style with Byte the face/mouth will warp strangely.


  • Players sometimes crash when opening their Map.
    • Players may sometimes crash when opening their Map during a Battle Royale match. This is fixed in a future game update.
  • Ranked Solo Zero Build activation schedule is 1 hour behind of what is stated in the game.

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