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Pokemon Go Routes Feature Encouraging Players to Walk and Explore More

In the world of Pokemon Go the quest to “catch ’em all” has taken a refreshing turn with the introduction of the Routes feature. This new addition to the game has not only ignited the thrill of adventure but has also motivated players to step out of their comfort zones, explore predefined paths, and interact with the virtual world more actively and engagingly.

Pokemon Go Routes are predetermined paths that players can follow while exploring the virtual landscape. These paths are created by Niantic, the game’s developer, official partners, or other enthusiastic Trainers. The Routes take players through various real-world locations, each offering unique encounters and opportunities for exploration.

One of the most captivating aspects of the Routes feature is the thrill of exploration it brings. As players embark on these predefined paths, they discover an array of surprises awaiting them. The excitement of encountering elusive Pokemon, stumbling upon valuable items, and uncovering elusive Zygarde Cells adds a new dimension to the gaming experience.

Completing a Route is a satisfying achievement for any Trainer. Not only does it grant rewards, but it also grants them a unique badge associated with that particular Route. The badge features a custom photo taken from either the starting or ending point of the Route, serving as a memorable keepsake of their adventure.

A thread on the Pokemon Go Reddit community, currently trending as one of the hottest topics, got our attention. One player shared their transformational experience of stepping out of their car to follow a Route, breaking away from the mundane driving routine to embrace an adventurous exploration.

The introduction of Routes has sparked discussions on how they positively influence health habits, prompting us to explore the opinions of various players. Let’s see what some of them have to say about it.

So PoGo finally did what they set out to do…
by u/RQCKQN in pokemongo

Numerous players have attested to the positive influence Routes have had on their fitness habits. Many admitted that they used to run or bike fewer miles before the feature was introduced. However, the Routes have ignited a newfound passion for fitness, encouraging them to cover more ground and rack up more kilometers while enjoying the game to its fullest.

by u/Pankake_Nation from discussion So PoGo finally did what they set out to do…
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by u/Meteyu32 from discussion So PoGo finally did what they set out to do…
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A few Trainers have playfully confessed to attaching their Apple Watch to their dog’s collar to accumulate more kilometers more quickly.

by u/SillyStallion from discussion So PoGo finally did what they set out to do…
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It is clear from the community’s overwhelmingly positive response that Niantic and Pokemon Go have successfully achieved their goal of going out and exploring through Routes.

Do you believe that Routes have a beneficial impact on players? We would like to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.

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