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Overwatch 2 Becomes the Lowest Rated Game on Steam, Players Unhappy with Blizzard’s Changes

Overwatch 2’s Steam release wasn’t as popular as many would’ve thought. Since its launch on Steam, the game has become one of the lowest-rated titles, with players expressing significant dissatisfaction. The community has been vocal about various issues, from gameplay mechanics to Blizzard’s apparent disregard for player feedback. Let’s dive into the specific reasons behind this disappointment.

Overwatch 2 introduced new game modes, such as “Push” and “Flashpoint,” which players have criticized. According to a Steam review by user ‘fishy’, the community generally detests these new modes. Even the previously criticized 2CP mode from Overwatch 1 is now missed and preferred over the new offerings.

The matchmaking system in Overwatch 2 appears to be prioritizing speed over quality. Although it gets players into matches more quickly, the game quality has suffered, with 90% of games being one-sided. Win or lose, this lack of balance has led to unengaging and frustrating gameplay experiences.

Several aspects of the game have underwhelmed players. Notably:

  • Training Room: The training room remains unchanged from Overwatch 1, showing a lack of effort to improve or innovate.
  • Free-to-Play Model: The game’s monetization is perceived as aggressive, with legendary skins costing $20 and the battle pass being constantly promoted.
  • Map Design: Most maps weren’t changed from Overwatch 1, resulting in a stale experience.
    PvE Content: The lackluster paid missions have disappointed players, especially when similar content was free in the original game.
  • New Heroes: The schedule for releasing new heroes has been tied to the battle pass, forcing players to grind or pay to access new characters.
  • Seasonal Events and Toxicity: Lack of innovation in seasonal events and an increasingly toxic community add to the mounting concerns.

The dissatisfaction expressed by players raises a serious question: Does Blizzard care about its community? The numerous issues pointed out by players and the lack of timely response or improvement suggest a disconnect between the developers and the community they serve.

Overwatch 2’s release has undoubtedly been marred by controversy and disappointment. The game has underdelivered on many fronts, whether it’s the detested new game modes, clunky matchmaking, unchanged content, or an apparent disregard for community feedback.

While some may still enjoy Overwatch 2, the overall sentiment indicates a missed opportunity to build on the original game’s success. It’s a situation that calls for serious reflection from Blizzard on how to reengage with their community and deliver the experience that players were hoping for. Only time will tell if they can turn things around and restore faith in the franchise.

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