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Warcraft Rumble gets Update 5.0.0, Patch Notes and More

Warcraft Rumble has received a new update, marking the launch of Season 5 and bringing tons of improvements that will surprise the players. The update also collides with the Darkmoon Faire event, details of which can be found here.

As for the patch notes for update 5.0.0, you can check the section below:

Warcraft Rumble Update 5.0.0

Season 5

Learn more about whats to coming to Warcraft Rumble in our Season 5 and Darkmoon Faire articles.

Arclight Surge

  • Completed surges now increase Daily Rewards progress by 2, was 1.
  • Fixed an issue in the Morbent Fel mission that would cause the top left Gold Node to not be affected by Dragon’s Hoard.


  • Rare and Epic quests now take significantly longer to expire.


Heroic Lady Vespira

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the first two Murloc Tidehunters to face the wrong direction.


  • Fixed an issue that would cause squads to sometimes be split between the upper and lower paths when deployed on the Guard Tower in the middle of the map.


  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Apprentice of Shadows to focus on Whelp Eggs and ignore other Minis.

Player versus Player

  • Fixed an issue where the Defias Bandits’ Pick Lock talent would not trigger on PvP maps.
  • Chests on Timbermaw Hold and Gadgetzan should no longer take damage from Dragon Towers.
  • All Gold Nodes on Arathi Basin should now respawn at the same speed.

User Interface

  • Fixed an issue that would cause maps to sometimes be covered in fog.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Dragon Tower’s attack animation to happen twice.
  • You can now see when players in your guild were last online.
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