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Pokémon GO Players can Create Only Five Routes in a Month, Inadequate Communication from Niantic

In the ever-evolving world of Pokémon GO, Niantic continues to find innovative ways to engage and excite Trainers. One of their latest additions, Routes, promises a unique experience that combines exploration, rewards, and a dash of adventure. Journey through this guide as we unveil the mechanics of Pokémon GO Routes, revealing how you can create, follow, and reap the benefits of these virtual pathways.

Routes are pre-determined paths within the Pokémon GO universe that allow Trainers to immerse themselves in an enhanced gameplay experience. By embarking on a Route, Trainers have the opportunity to not only encounter Pokémon in the wild but also stumble upon Zygarde Cells – a vital element for altering Zygarde’s form. Additionally, the completion of Routes is rewarded with unique badges and a treasure trove of in-game goodies.

Creating a Route in Pokémon GO is a simple yet gratifying endeavor. Follow these steps to craft your very own adventure:

  • Visit a PokéStop or Gym: Head to a nearby PokéStop or Gym, which will serve as your Route’s starting point.
  • Navigate to the ‘Route’ Tab: Access the ‘Route’ tab located in the same menu as ‘Nearby Pokémon’ and select the chosen PokéStop or Gym as your starting point.
  • Set Your Destination: Choose the endpoint of your Route. Don’t worry – you can adjust this while mapping your Route.
  • Initiate Recording: At the designated PokéStop or Gym, hit ‘Record’ to begin mapping your Route.
  • Complete the Mapping: Travel to your chosen endpoint to finalize the Route’s recording.
  • Provide Information: Add relevant information about your Route and submit it for review.

According to information shared by Niantic Support on Twitter, you can submit up to five Routes each month. While not all five may be approved, you still have the chance to introduce fresh pathways to the Pokémon GO world.

The introduction of Routes could have been significantly smoother had this vital information been accessible from the start, alleviating the frustration of attempting to initiate route mapping repeatedly without any noticeable progress. The persistent problem of inadequate communication from Niantic has been a lingering issue, and regrettably, the practice of withholding in-game information has remained a consistent source of dissatisfaction since the game’s inception.

Once Routes are established and sanctioned in the game, Trainers from all corners of the world can partake in these shared adventures. Here’s how:

  • Navigate the ‘Nearby Pokémon’ Menu: Start by selecting the ‘Nearby Pokémon’ menu, found under the binocular symbol in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • Explore the ‘Routes’ Tab: Head to the ‘Routes’ tab to view nearby Routes. Alternatively, expand your search area by choosing ‘See Nearby Routes.’
  • Preview and Select a Route: Peruse the available Routes and select one to preview its details, including length and estimated duration.
  • Initiate the Journey: When you’re ready, hit the ‘Follow’ button for your chosen Route. If you’re not already at the Route’s starting point (indicated by a blue flag), make your way there.
  • Follow and Collect: As you follow the Route, it will color itself in, with the ending point marked by a red flag. Keep an eye out for glowing green spots – the telltale sign of a Zygarde Cell.
  • Completion Rewards Await: Upon reaching the Route’s conclusion, the journey culminates with rewards tailored to your dedication.

Pokémon GO Routes breathe new life into the game, offering Trainers a captivating avenue for adventure, discovery, and rewards. From crafting your own paths to exploring those forged by fellow Trainers, these Routes infuse the game with excitement and camaraderie. So, put on your virtual shoes, embark on a Route, and revel in the experience as your journey unfolds.

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