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Pokémon GO how the game became therapy after chemo treatments, returning player’s story

Trainers, we’re all aware that Pokémon GO brings joy to millions across the globe, uniting us in our quest to catch ’em all. But sometimes, the game does much more than just entertain; it becomes a lifeline for people navigating the toughest challenges life can offer. Today, we’re sharing an incredibly uplifting story from the Pokémon GO community about how the game helped a cancer patient find motivation and happiness during a grueling recovery process.

A returning player by the name of timmytomato recently took to the Pokémon GO subreddit to share their heartwarming journey. Having been diagnosed with Leukemia just two months ago, timmytomato spent an extended period in the hospital undergoing chemotherapy treatments. This physically and emotionally draining experience left them feeling weak and despondent.

Here’s timmytomato’s story in their own words:

I won’t go into too much detail but I was diagnosed with Leukemia about 2 months ago. After chemo treatments and being in a hospital room for two months straight, I have lost so much muscle…I got weaker and just depressed. I saw an ad for Pokémon GO and remembered how fun it was when it first released. So, I re-downloaded the game, and there is a Pokéstop right where I’m at. What luck! Now I’m catching Pokémon, spinning that sign, and restocking free balls (I can’t use my medical bill money on Pokéballs, lol). There are now challenges!? Hatch eggs, walk with your buddy – things that are making me get up and start walking again. I’m getting my energy back! I look forward to playing every day, I love my walks now, and I’m in a good place.”

How Pokemon Go has helped me with cancer
byu/timmytomato inpokemongo

The power of Pokémon GO went beyond just capturing imaginary creatures; it breathed life back into timmytomato’s routine. The game’s interactive features like hatching eggs and walking with a buddy Pokémon encouraged them to get out of bed, to walk, and to break the monotony of hospital life.

While Pokémon GO might be “just a game” to some, for others like timmytomato, it’s a source of motivation, a burst of joy, and a therapeutic outlet during trying times. There’s something profoundly heartening about how a simple mobile game can have such a transformative effect on someone’s well-being.

Timmytomato, we’re genuinely moved by your story, and we’re thrilled that Pokémon GO could play a part in lifting your spirits. We wish you all the best in your treatments and can’t wait for you to claim that gym that’s just outside your reach. We’re sending you all the shiny luck in the world

To all our Trainers out there, let this story serve as a reminder of the profound ways in which this game can touch lives. Keep catching and keep inspiring. Feel free to share your stories or moments where Pokémon GO made a difference in your life or the lives of others. Every experience is a testament to the extraordinary impact this game has on its community.

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