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Albion Online Wild Blood October 16 Patch Notes

The latest update for Albion Online brought tons of exciting changes that promise to transform how players engage with the game. Bid farewell to older Windows operating systems and prepare to embrace the future with the introduction of Shapeshifter Weapons, Tracking activities, and Awakened Weapons.

The headline feature of this update is the introduction of Shapeshifter Weapons. These new additions to the Hunter Weapon Tree offer a fresh and dynamic playstyle for Albion adventurers. For the full patch notes, check below.

Wild Blood Update – Version 23.000.1 – October 16, 2023

With this update, Windows 7 and 8 are no longer supported. More info here:

Shapeshifter Weapons

  • Shapeshifter Weapons are a new Staff Weapon Line on the Hunter Weapon Tree
    • Allow players to transform into creatures (called Shapes), each offering different stats and abilities
    • Brings a new unique playstyle to Albion, as players can change form mid-combat
  • Human Form
    • In human form, Shapeshifters manipulate energy to inflict damage, disrupt enemies, or support allies
    • Using skills in human form builds “Shift” charges
    • Shift charges are used to transform into the weapon’s associated Shape
  • Shape Form
    • Each weapon comes with a unique Shape, with its own set of abilities
    • Some Shape abilities require or can be enhanced by Shift Charges
    • Shapeshifters can switch back and forth between forms to maximize combat potential
    • As each Shape has unique health and armor stats which replace human stats, players can take multiple roles during fights
  • Crafting Shapeshifter Staffs requires ingredients dropped by trackable creatures (see “Tracking” below) and can be crafted everywhere, but are crafting specialties in Caerleon and Merlyn’s Rest


  • Tracking is a new activity in which players search open-world red and black zones in pursuit of targets. The primary goal of Tracking is to encourage players to roam the world alone or in small groups without being led into direct PvP. Tracking is related to Shapeshifter Weapons and reworked Potions, as it provides Artifacts and Essences for crafting and alchemy.
  • Following Tracks
    • Craft Tracking Toolkits at the Toolmaker
    • Activate Toolkits in red or black zones to reveal tracks, or click on already-found tracks directly with a Toolkit in inventory to start the hunt
    • Revealing first tracks may require checking several zones
    • Reading tracks reveals next location to search, either in the same or neighboring region
    • The more players reading tracks, the faster the process
    • Destiny Board Tracking progress and higher-level Toolkits shorten reading time
    • At each location, players may find further tracks, the target, or other random encounters
    • Each step has a time limit
  • Reaching the Target
    • Each step increases chance of catching the target, which usually means a fight
    • Chance per step depends on Destiny Board progress of player initiating hunt
    • Bringing too many players can scare off targets, meaning the chase must continue
    • As only the trackers know the target’s location, groups cannot simply camp it
  • Unique Enemies and Drops
    • Trackable enemies are rare creatures based on Shapeshifter Weapon forms
    • They have a chance to drop new Artifacts that can be crafted into Shapeshifter Artifact Weapons
    • They also drop Alchemical Ingredients needed to craft Shapeshifter Staffs and potions, or enchant potions to level 3 (see “Potions” below)
  • Special Launch Setup
    • For the first few months, triple the usual number of tracks will spawn to let players progress Destiny Board Tracking in a highly competitive environment
    • Creatures spawned from additional tracks will not drop creature-specific ingredients or Artifacts, and will only drop Rare Animal Remains, Silver, and Black Market loot
    • This allows seamless removal of the extra tracks when interest levels off

Awakened Weapons

Awakened Weapons are one-of-a-kind items that allow players to customize Pristine-Enchanted (.4) Weapons to make them truly unique to their playstyle and tastes. After awakening an item, its potential grows as it is used in combat, and can then reach new heights of power by being further refined at the Artifact Foundry.

The potential of Awakened Weapons is dependent on how far their owners want to take them, because upgrading becomes more difficult as the weapon gains strength.

  • General info:
  • Awakening process:
    • Weapons must have Pristine Enchantment (.4) to be awakened
    • Weapons are awakened at the Artifact Foundry with Siphoned Energy, Avalonian Energy, and Silver, with costs based on tier
    • Awakened Weapons earn Attunement Points from PvE combat, though T6+ weapons earn Attunement only in full-loot PvP areas
    • Attunement Points can be used to add, replace and upgrade Traits at the Artifact Foundry
    • These modifications add Strain to the weapon, increasing the cost of further changes
    • The exponential cost of modifications encourages a variety of Trait combinations
    • Traits gained via Awakening are disabled during Crystal League, Arena, Custom Matches, and non-lethal Corrupted Dungeons and Hellgates

Island Changes and Improvements

Personal Islands:

  • Players can now own one Personal Island per Royal City, plus Caerleon and Brecilien, for a total of up to seven
  • Island visuals are completely reworked and upgraded to reflect the atmosphere, aesthetics, and biome of the host city
  • Rather than separate building and farm plots, islands now offer Multipurpose plots, which can host either
  • New farming bonuses are assigned to each city, which are reflected in their islands’ farms and can be viewed in the Local Production Bonuses dropdown on the Region Map (see “Farming Improvements” below for more)
  • New buy / upgrade Silver costs:
    • Level 1: 1,000,000
    • Level 2: 2,500,000
    • Level 3: 4,000,000
    • Level 4: 5,000,000
    • Level 5: 6,000,000
    • Level 6: 8,000,000
  • New buy / upgrade Silver costs (now same on both servers):
    • Lvl 1: 5,000,000
    • Lvl 2: 3,750,000
    • Lvl 3: 4,000,000
    • Lvl 4: 5,000,000
    • Lvl 5: 6,000,000
    • Lvl 6: 8,000,000

With the island rework, the value of player islands and their upgrade costs have been adjusted for a number of reasons. Firstly, islands never have previously seen a significant price increase, while Silver generation in the game has become much easier. Secondly, islands are now much more versatile, with Multipurpose plots increasing their value. Finally, island upgrade prices must now compete with buying a new island in a different city. Due to these factors, the price of islands is increased and the progression of upgrade costs adjusted.

Guild Islands:

Alongside price adjustments for Player Islands, Guild Island prices have been adjusted as well. Firstly, prices were different on Albion East and Albion West, and are now identical. Secondly, some Guild Island upgrade costs had fallen below those of Personal Islands. As Guild Islands should not be more attractive than Personal Islands for their economic value, this progression has been adjusted on East while total upgrade costs remain unchanged.

New and Reworked Potions

A line of new Potions, each corresponding to a Tracking target (see “Tracking” above), has been added. Each has its own Destiny Board Specialization node, with crafting unlocked via the “Alchemist” progress node.

Additionally, potions can now be enchanted up to Level 3 (previously 1) via a new material, Arcane Extract, in a process similar to Fish Sauce for food.

Existing potions have been rebalanced and reworked (see “Combat Balance Changes” for details).

New Potions:

  • Tornado in a Bottle: Creates a whirlwind that knocks enemies back
  • Hellfire Potion: Creates a pit of hellfire that inflicts damage on enemies passing through
  • Berserk Potion: Increases damage inflicted but lowers defense
  • Acid Potion: Temporarily decreases damage resistances of up to 10 targets
  • Calming Potion: Disengages mobs and provides a shield to all party members hit
  • Gathering Potion: Increases gathering speed and yield
  • Cleansing Potion: Cleanses all CC and Damage over Time effects, grants CC immunity
  • Reduced cross-specialization for Potion specialization nodes from 30 to 18 (per level)
    • Base Alchemist node cross-specialization unchanged
  • Total cross-specialization: 27,000 → 30,000

Destiny Board

With seven new Destiny Board nodes, cross-specialization for Potions would have created a large and sudden power creep for Potion crafting. Additionally, since the introduction of roasts, cooking has had cross-specialization advantages over alchemy. The cross-specialization of each individual node has therefore been reduced, but the spec of all nodes combined has been increased, giving the same cross-specialization power as cooking.

Farming Changes and Improvements

  • Since Islands now have unique biomes related to their city (see “Island Changes” above), each city now offers unique farming bonus modifiers for crops and animals
    • These grant increased crops, herbs, and animal products (eggs, milk)
    • To include meat, Royal Cities also gain local butchering bonuses for their designated animal
    • Modifiers can be viewed in the Local Production Bonuses dropdown on the Region Map, and in a reworked UI for applicable farmables
    • Since Caerleon has the bonus to food crafting, it receives only 3 herb bonuses
    • Since Brecilien is so difficult to reliably trade with, it receives all crop bonuses
    • The list of modifiers by city is at the end of this section
  • Animals now have a favorite food, which doubles nutrition when feeding
    • Each animal’s favorite food grows best on a different island to where that animal grows best, encouraging intercity trade
  • Doubled amount of nutrition required to feed Farm Animals
    • Feeding favorite food now yields same results as before
      • This is because favorite food is intended to be a trade incentive, not to increase the nutrition available in the economy
  • Increased weight of grown animals: 5.05 Kg → 10.83 Kg
    • This incentivizes transporting animal feed over grown animals
    • Reduced amount of meat obtained from butchering to 18
      • This means that Item value of butcherable animals reduces: 800 → 720
    • Reduced average animal product (milk, eggs) from 9.5 → 9
  • Made all Farming options yield same average net nutrition (after feeding in case of animals)
    • Adjusted required animal nutrition to an even 9 crops (if favorite food is used)
      • This was previously slightly higher, leading to overfeeding
  • Added missing Item Value for grown animals
  • Fixed bug where processed ingredients were too light
    • Flour, Butter, Alcohol 0.6 → 0.65 Kg
    • Bread 0.6 → 0.71 Kg
  • Updated and improved sounds for livestock animals

Bonus Modifier Distribution

Lymhurst Bridgewatch Martlock Thetford Fort Sterling
Crop (T8) Pumpkin (T7) Corn (T6) Potato (T5) Cabbage (T4) Turnip
Herb (T4) Crenellated Burdock (T5) Dragon Teasel (T6) Elusive Foxglove (T7) Firetouched Mullein (T8) Ghoul Yarrow
Animal (T5) Goose (T4) Goat (T8) Cow (T7) Pig (T6) Sheep
Additional (T1) Carrot (T2) Bean (T3) Wheat (T2) Arcane Agaric (T3) Chicken


(T3) Brightleaf Comfrey
(T5) Dragon Teasel
(T7) Firetouched Mullein


(T1) Carrots
(T2) Beans
(T3) Wheat
(T4) Turnips
(T5) Cabbage
(T6) Potatoes
(T7) Corn
(T8) Pumpkins

Other Changes and Improvements

  • Death Recap:
    • After knockdown or death, players can now see a recap of events leading up to defeat
    • This shows the last enemy attacks, spells, and effects carried out
    • Split into two detail levels, “Overview” (time frame and Damage / CC) and “Full Recap” (details of all spells and effects)
  • Randomized Dungeon Improvements:
    • Colossi and Titans from “Living Legacy” anniversary events now have a chance to appear in Randomized Dungeons
    • Now a chance of encountering mobs from different factions within the same Randomized Dungeon, as they invade each other’s territories or discover lost ruins
    • Added many new environment sections, significantly increasing dungeon layout variety
    • Improved visuals and lighting, increased color palette, reworked ground items that blocked spell indicators; improved terrain blending
  • PvP Knockdown Changes:
    • Knockdowns from PvP now always have a 3-minute downtime, whether active (attacking) or passive (being attacked)
    • When unrestricted PvP areas in blue/yellow zones disappear, knockdown timers of friendly-flagged participants end
  • Hardcore Expedition Changes:
    • Added dedicated chat channel (/hce)
    • Increased damage and health modifiers on HCE buffs to compensate for increased player power:
      • Awakened Weapons and other changes increase the power of players at the top end
      • To compensate and keep Hardcore Expeditions challenging, bonus health and damage of enemies in HCEs is increased up to 20%
  • Spell icon changes:
    • Added new icon for Threatening Strike (all Hammers)
    • Changed icon for Iron Breaker (all Hammers) to prevent same icon on Q and W
  • Roads of Avalon Mobcamp variants added:
    • Three small and two large (group) mobcamp layouts added to Roads, partially replacing existing camps
    • Mob amounts and rewards unchanged
  • Siege Ballista crafting requirements reduced:
    • Siege Ballistas are designed to be the main counter against other Battle Mounts. However, due to the constant supply of new Battle Mounts from Conqueror’s Challenges, they currently trade at very low prices. To make Siege Ballistas more attractive as a counter to other Battle Mounts, the crafting requirements are greatly reduced.
    • Siphoned Energy required to craft Siege Ballista: 2500 → 500
  • Improved feel and feedback of Take All, Repair All, and Quick Sell options in Marketplace
  • Autorun now stops when game window loses focus
  • Replaced /suicide command with /die
  • “Knight’s Vow” (season reward buff) no longer stacks – more powerful versions will cancel weaker ones, while weaker ones cannot be activated while stronger ones are active
  • Added option to turn off enemy channeling visuals
  • Confirmation popup added when salvaging items; Salvage is now last option in building UI
  • Added voice lines and sounds to Expedition Master, Farming Merchant, and Miller
  • Adjusted hitbox of Spectral Bat
  • To improve readability, adjusted Soul Link spell effect icon to refresh duration on linking instead of visually increasing the duration
  • Four new Achievements related to Randomized Dungeons and Tracking

Transmutation and Enchantment Changes

We increased the cost of high end transmutation to strengthen it as a high-end Silver sink to combat Silver inflation. Also, this change re-adjusts the risk reward ratio of top end gear, now making it more risky to use top end sets (in particular, 7.2, 7.3, 8.3 and 8.4) and more rewarding if a player wearing one of these sets is looted.

Additionally, we decreased the transmutation cost for lower tier .4 resources (to make .4 items more readily available for the new Awakened Weapons feature).

The cost for tier transmutation was readjusted to more closely match the cost of level increase transmutation.

These changes do not apply to Stone transmutation.

Due to this change’s potential to provide an unfair economic advantage to a minority of players through speculation, this was not included in the Staging build.

Due to these price changes, Enchantment prices must also rise or its increased usage would lead to an escalation in Artifact prices. The amount of fragments required for each level of Enchantment has doubled.

Mobile and Controller

Controller Changes and Improvements:

  • The right shoulder button now cycles through targets when tapped and triggers flick targeting when held
  • Added option to hide cursor when inactive when using the ‘Right stick cursor’ control scheme
  • Added option to allow character movement via cursor when using the ‘Right stick cursor’ control scheme
  • Added a D-pad action menu to the radial menu allowing the following context actions:
    • Setting tier thresholds while gathering via dynamic action
    • Using Tracking Toolkits
    • Opening Travel Mode map settings when in Travel Mode
  • Increased main controller radial menu from 6 to 8 entries
  • Changed UI Toggle Flyout binding from ‘Select’ to ‘Left Stick Press’ to avoid overlap
  • Added toggling of controller cursor while navigating UI via Right Stick press
  • Added button icons for more controller models
  • Added button hint for “inspect target”
  • (DESKTOP) Decreased height, font size of controller button hint bar and improved font color contrast / readability
  • Fixed issue where cluster map travel-mode settings window interfered with gameplay
  • Fixed issue where character walked in random direction when losing window focus using Switch Pro controller
  • Fixed issue where Destiny Board and map objects could not be interacted with using controller cursor
  • Fixed issue where disabled buttons were pressable
  • Various UI navigation fixes
  • Pressing attack button now interrupts spell casts
  • Spells using multiple targeting steps (eg. Haunting Screams, Phoenix) no longer interrupt movement of virtual joystick after first manual targeting step
  • Target locks now maintained while target is invisible
  • When Auto-targeting, the target type (eg. player/mob) is now favored over whether target is in range or on-screen
  • Improved responsiveness when interacting with lootbags via Dynamic Actions
  • Added “Changelog” entry to view the latest patchnotes on Albion website, indicating when new patchnotes have not been seen
  • Added new Gold Market and Premium Status entries to menu; big Gold and Premium tiles now lead to shop
  • Increased scaling of Tooltips for exits, dungeon entrances, and treasures
  • Increased scaling for Loadout Creation UI and icon button
  • Repair Station: Fixed issues where salvaged resources list overlapped “Salvage” button, icons were not clickable and had no tooltips, and list could only be scrolled via scroll bar
  • Fixed issue where Dynamic Action Button did not work on the same object after enabling/disabling placement preview

Controller Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where cluster map travel-mode settings window interfered with gameplay
  • Fixed issue where character walked in random direction when losing window focus using Switch Pro controller
  • Fixed issue where Destiny Board and map objects could not be interacted with using controller cursor
  • Fixed issue where disabled buttons were pressable
  • Various UI navigation fixes

Controller & Mobile Virtual Controller changes:

  • Pressing attack button now interrupts spell casts
  • Spells using multiple targeting steps (eg. Haunting Screams, Phoenix) no longer interrupt movement of virtual joystick after first manual targeting step
  • Target locks now maintained while target is invisible
  • When Auto-targeting, the target type (eg. player/mob) is now favored over whether target is in range or on-screen
  • Improved responsiveness when interacting with lootbags via Dynamic Actions

Mobile changes:

  • Added “Changelog” entry to view the latest patchnotes on Albion website, indicating when new patchnotes have not been seen
  • Added new Gold Market and Premium Status entries to menu; big Gold and Premium tiles now lead to shop
  • Increased scaling of Tooltips for exits, dungeon entrances, and treasures

Mobile fixes:

  • Increased scaling for Loadout Creation UI and icon button
  • Repair Station: Fixed issues where salvaged resources list overlapped “Salvage” button, icons were not clickable and had no tooltips, and list could only be scrolled via scroll bar
  • Fixed issue where Dynamic Action Button did not work on the same object after enabling/disabling placement preview

Combat Balance Changes

Balance changes in this update address damage output differences between ranged and melee weapons in large fights. To achieve this, Resilience Penetration on all melee weapons is adjusted, and the Resilience curve of melee weapons is lowered.

Lowered Resilience Penetration leads to lower damage output in large-scale battles. This is offset by the lowered melee Resilience, leading to melee-vs-melee damage output staying similar, while ranged weapons now deal more damage vs melee weapons in large-scale fights.


  • Enchanted Quiver (Bows)
    • Normal attack damage buff is reduced when an enemy is in close proximity, but increased otherwise:
      • If an enemy player is within 6m, Normal attack damage is reduced to 185%
      • Normal attack damage buff: 220%
  • Lucent Hawk (Mistpiercer)
    • Damage: 160 → 170


  • Divine Engine (Energy Shaper)
    • Cast Time: 1s → 0.7s
    • Cooldown 40s → 35s

Cursed Staffs

  • Enfeeble Blades (Lifecurse Staff)
    • Radius: 5m → 6.5m
  • Cataclysm (Damnation Staff)
    • DoT Damage: 18 → 24


  • Merciless Finish (Bridled Fury)
    • 0 Stack Damage: 63.2 → 68.3
    • 1 Stack Damage: 100.8 → 108.8
    • 2 Stack Damage: 151.2 → 163.3
    • 3 Stack Damage: 200 → 216

Fire Staffs

  • Searing Flame (all Fire Staffs)
    • Furious Flame – Damage: 191 → 200
  • Flame Tornado (Blazing Staff)
    • Cooldown: 40s → 35s

Frost Staffs

  • Glacial Obelisk (all Frost Staffs)
    • Cast Time: 0.6s → 0.4s
    • Damage Increase: 15% → 20%
    • Cooldown Increase: 15% → 20%

Nature Staffs

  • Spirit Animal (Rampant Staff)
    • Healing Increased per player: 20% → 25%
    • Healing per Tick: 13.5 → 14


  • Crescent Slash (Clarent Blade)
    • Base Damage: 182 → 170
    • 3 Stack Damage: 130 → 155
  • Majestic Smash (Kingmaker)
    • 0 Stack Damage: 87 → 91.35
    • 1 Stack Damage: 140 → 147
    • 2 Stack Damage: 210 → 220.5
    • 3 Stack Damage: 297 → 311.85
  • Soulless Stream (Galatine Pair)
    • Uptime of the area: 1s → 0.8s
    • 0 Stack Damage: 84 → 88.2
    • 1 Stack Damage: 134 → 140.7
    • 2 Stack Damage: 201→ 211.05
    • 3 Stack Damage: 285 → 299.25

War Gloves

  • Gravitational Collapse (Spiked Gauntlets)
    • Fixed AoE Damage Escalation
    • Damage vs Plate: 380 → 323
    • Damage vs Leather: 240 → 204
    • Damage vs Cloth: 140 → 119
  • Hundred Striking Fists (Ursine Maulers)
    • Fixed AoE Damage Escalation
    • Damage per Tick: 36 → 32.4 (vs Players)
    • Delayed Damage: 30 → 27
  • Infernal Boulder (Hellfire Hands)
    • 1st Boulder Bounce Damage: 210 → 220.5
    • 2nd Bounce: 140 → 147
    • 3rd Bounce: 70 → 73.5
  • Purifying Combination (Fists of Avalon)
    • Power Punch Damage: 235 → 245


  • Spider’s Thread (Duskweaver Helmet)
    • 1st Cast – Cooldown: 30s → 20s
    • 2nd Cast – Cooldown: 30s → 25s
  • Ballista Support Fire (Royal Helmet)
    • Hit Delay: 1s → 0.6s
    • Standtime: 0.4s → 0.2s
    • Stun Duration: 2.66s → 2.2s
  • Motivating Worker’s Song (Miner Cap)
    • Now also decreases all damage dealt by 50% for 6s
    • Fixed issue where spell was cleansable by allies and unpurgeable by enemies


  • Mend Wounds (all Armors)
    • Initial tick: 1s → 0s
    • Total Number of ticks: 12 → 8
    • Healing per tick: 6% → 9%
    • Energy per tick: 5% → 7.5%
    • Caster can now move while channeling (50% reduced movement speed)
  • Electric Field (Stalker Jacket)
    • Number of Ticks: 16 → 11 (Reducing the duration from 7.5s to 5s)
  • Enfeeble Aura (Guardian Armor)
    • Spell now a toggle (meaning it is also unpurgeable)
    • Now while active it reduces the caster’s damage by 15%
    • Energy Cost: 10 → 8%
  • Spirit of Vengeance (Harvester Garb)
    • Buff Duration: 8s → 10s
    • Shield Value: 327 → 392
    • No longer increases Gathering Speed
  • Wind Shield (Miner Garb)
    • Buff Duration: 8s → 10s
    • No longer increases Gathering Speed
  • Flow (Quarrier Garb)
    • Flow Stack Duration: 1.1s → 3s
    • No longer increases Gathering Speed
  • Purging Shield (Lumberjack Garb)
    • Buff Duration: 6s → 8s
    • No longer increases Gathering Speed
  • Water Shield (Fisherman Garb)
    • Now also makes immune to Slow effects
    • No longer increases Gathering Speed


  • Crush Charge (Duskweaver Boots)
    • Range: 15m → 12m
    • Cast time: 0.4s → 0.6s


  • Devious Traps (Heretic Cape)
    • Now spawns two additional traps behind player
    • Trap Area Duration: 10s → 5s

Battle Mounts

  • Siege Ballista
    • Dismount Cooldown: 90s → 30s
  • Venom Basilisk
    • Dismount Cooldown: 90s → 30s
  • Flame Basilisk
    • Dismount Cooldown: 90s → 30s


In this update, new potions are added and potion enchantment increases to level 3.

Potion scaling is now curved to have more impact on midlevel potions, similar to the progression of food strength.

Alongside new potions, the role of Poison Potion was reevaluated. It is now more focused on locking down single targets by hindering them from disengaging. The Resistance reduction and scaling with Damage buffs was removed, but compensated for by higher base damage output. The utility of the Resistance reduction remains available with the new Acid Potion.

  • Changed Scaling of all potions:
  • Energy Potions
    • Energy gain split into instant Energy Restore (64%), with remaining 36% restored over 7s
      • Initial Tick: 1s
      • Tick Rate: 2s
    • Now also increases cooldown rate for 7s by 9% (T2) and up to 30% (T6.3)
  • Sticky Potions
    • Area Radius: 3m → 3.5m
    • Now removes other Sticky Potion areas in a 15m radius
  • Poison Potions
    • Cast Range: 9m → 11m
    • A poisoned enemy is now slowed for 0.2s every time they take direct damage (does not work on mounted players)
      • Slow Strength depends on potion tier (E.g. T8 slows 39.7%)
    • Poison Duration: 3s → 4s
    • Tick Rate: 0.75s → 0.5s
    • No longer reduces Resistances
    • No longer scales with Damage buffs
    • Total Damage increased to compensate for lost Resistance reduction and Damage buff potential
      • E.g. total damage of a T8.0 potion:
        • vs. mobs: 270 → 1192
        • vs. players: 183 → 477


Cooldown Reduction has been one of the most powerful food buffs, as it increases damage, utility and mobility. To limit this all-around buff and promote other viable food options, the Cooldown Reduction value of food is reduced.

Food that increases Max Health is much less frequently used. To make food with this buff more competitive and viable, its value is greatly increased.

These changes mean the value of every food that has these buffs has changed compared to its previous value.

  • Cooldown Reductions on foods decreased by 20%
  • Max Health buffs on foods increased by 15%

Resilience (formerly “Focus Fire Protection”)

Resilience is a defensive mechanic that reduces damage taken by players when attacked by increasing numbers of enemies. As melee players expose themselves to more danger, they inherently have higher Resilience. (Melee Resilience Curve Factor: 50, Range Resilience Curve Factor: 25)

This update decreases Melee Resilience Curve Factor, reduces sustain of melee players in group fights, and enables more punishment opportunities for overextension in large fights.

  • Melee Resilience Curve Factor: 50 → 40
    • Decreases survivability by 5.37% vs 3 players, and by 14.62% vs 10 players, compared to previous levels
    • Buff caps at 80% Resilience at 18 players (previously 15)

Resilience Penetration

Resilience Penetration is a stat on all melee weapons, which ignores a percentage of the target’s Resilience (Focus Fire Protection). Ranged weapons have no Resilience Penetration.

This is to offset the danger melee users assume in group fights. Recently, more ranged weapons have been replaced with melee weapons in large fights, mainly due to their high Resilience Penetration.

Overall Resilience Penetration values are reduced to bring melee and ranged damage outputs closer in large-scale PvP situations.

The new Resilience values are decided on a case-by-case basis and take into consideration the ability range, likely target amount, damage distribution, and overall playstyle of the weapon.


  • Broadsword: 50% → 40%
  • Claymore: 40% → 40%
  • Dual Swords: 40% → 35%
  • Clarent Blade: 50% → 20%
  • Carving Sword: 40% → 35%
  • Galatine Pair: 40% → 30%
  • Kingmaker: 40% → 30%


  • Battleaxe: 50% → 30%
  • Greataxe: 40% → 30%
  • Halberd: 50% → 30%
  • Carrioncaller: 50% → 30%
  • Infernal Scythe: 40% → 30%
  • Bear Paws: 50% → 30%
  • Realmbreaker: 40% → 25%


  • Mace: 30% → 20%
  • Heavy Mace: 30% → 20%
  • Morning Star: 30% → 20%
  • Bedrock Mace: 30% → 20%
  • Incubus Mace: 30% → 20%
  • Camlann Mace: 30% → 20%
  • Oathkeepers: 50% → 20%


  • Hammer: 30% → 20%
  • Polehammer: 30% → 20%
  • Great Hammer: 30% → 20%
  • Tombhammer: 30% → 20%
  • Forge Hammers: 50% → 30%
  • Grovekeeper: 50% → 20%
  • Hand of Justice: 30% → 20%

War Gloves

  • Brawler Gloves: 60% → 35%
  • Battle Bracers: 60% → 35%
  • Spiked Gauntlets: 50% → 25%
  • Ursine Maulers: 60% → 30%
  • Hellfire Hands: 60% → 35%
  • Ravenstrike Cestus: 50% → 30%
  • Fists of Avalon: 60% → 30%


  • Spear: 40% → 35%
  • Pike: 30% → 40%
  • Glaive: 30% → 40%
  • Heron Spear: 40% → 25%
  • Spirithunter: 30% → 20%
  • Trinity Spear: 30% → 35%
  • Daybreaker: 40% → 35%


  • Dagger: 75% → 50%
  • Dagger Pair: 75% → 50%
  • Claws: 75% → 50%
  • Bloodletter: 75% → 50%
  • Demonfang: 40% → 35%
  • Deathgivers: 75% → 50%
  • Bridled Fury: 50% → 30%


  • Quarterstaff: 30% → 20%
  • Iron-clad Staff: 30% → 20%
  • Double Bladed Staff: 30% → 20%
  • Black Monk Stave: 30% → 20%
  • Soulscythe: 30% → 20%
  • Staff of Balance: 30% → 20%
  • Grailseeker: 30% → 20%

AoE Escalation Mechanics

AoE Escalation is a base Albion Online combat mechanic. If an AoE ability hits multiple enemy players, its damage increases per target hit. The same mechanic exists for Crowd Control spells that contain an AoE Root, Stun and Silence. In this case, the CC duration is increased.

This update improves and fixes AoE Damage and CC Escalation for numerous abilities.

  • Improved/Fixed AoE Damage Escalation:
    • Spinning Blades, Heroic Cleave, Parry Strike, Blood Bandit, Rending Rage, Raging Blades, Threatening Smash, Grasp of the Undead, Blazing Geyser, Falcon Smash, Gravitational Collapse, Hundred Striking Fists, Dragon Leap, Shockwave, Backhand Strike, Sweeping Bolt, Caltrops, Raging Storm, Deadly Shot, Ray of Light, Lunging Strike, Impaler, Circle of Life, Thorn Growth, Brambleseed, Deadly Swipe, Throwing Blades, Vault Leap, Tornado, Rising Blow, Whirling Strikes, Sacred Pulse, Frost Lance, Anguished Soul, Cursed Beam, Nasty Wounds, Firebreath, Avalonian Beam, Opening to Hell, Force Pulse, Splitting Slash
  • Improved/Fixed AoE CC Escalation:
    • Ray of Light, Avalanche, Freezing Wind, Snare Charge, Circle of Life, Spectral Trident, Splitting Slash, Earth Shatter, Crescent Slash


  • Fixed the following UI issues:
    • In-game notifications persisted even after viewing new items
    • “No crafting rights” message displayed on building UI even with crafting rights
    • Sorting in Buy Order and Loadouts tabs in Marketplace did not update until manually refreshed
    • Cooldown Modifiers different on item vs. Stats page
    • Party UI disappeared after joining large party
    • Guild name remained highlighted when changing guild selection in Rankings
    • Guild Log panel didn’t load until at least one search parameter changed
    • Dungeon mob health bars persisted after death
    • Error message displayed when splitting item stacks in Marketplace UI
    • CC effects disappeared from combat log before expiring
    • Cursor stuck to region map after right / left click
    • Travel Mode map covered World Map after pressing M quickly
    • Layer issue with security code window when logging in from new device / location
    • Alliance tags displayed incorrectly in Alliance summary panel
    • Respawn button unavailable for players who previously respawned at Faction Outposts
    • Bandit Assault Notification preference not persisting
    • When inspecting player vanity, total Gold displayed as 16,300
    • Low Food icon on buildings under construction
    • Spell icons remained on bottom of screen even with “Spells on right” selected
  • Fixed the following Spell issues:
    • Disabled spells did not display mouseover tooltip
    • Some Forced Movement Immunity effects disabled Air Compressor
    • Protective Beam slowed caster after channeling
    • On-hit effects did not trigger when target was killed for: Smite, Flame Pillar, Enigma Blade, Whirling Strikes, Deadly Swipe
    • Defensive buffs sometimes incorrectly updated against damage-over-time effects
  • WASD movement now usable with Travel Mode (transparent map) active
  • Fixed issue where remounting quickly deactivated mount sounds
  • Fixed issue where Faction Flagged players could enter Brecilien, Brecilien Islands, and Outlands Rests
  • Fixed issue where Fey Armors were not considered Artifacts for Destiny Bonuses (lowers bonus from the Fey Armor Crafting nodes by ~50%)
  • Hidden achievement “Mythical Beasts” can now be unlocked by killing the T4 versions of the required mobs
  • [ALBION EAST] Beta Season Winner Statue now displays correct guild logo in all places
  • Additional graphical, UI, terrain, animation, audio, and localization fixes
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