Albion Online Servers are coming to Europe and MENA regions

Sandbox Interactive has announced the launch of a new server for Albion Online. The server will be named Albion Europe which is coming to Europe and the middle east. North Africa is also getting one, more specifically the MENA region.

Albion Europe and MENA will introduce itself to the players for the first time and will support two languages, Turkish and Arabic. This will allow players from Europe and MENA regions to enjoy the game at a lower ping, which means smoother experience.

The servers will support full cross-platform play, and will enter in closed beta on April 3 and Open Beta on April 10 before going live on April 29.

As per the official press release:

Albion Online, the fantasy sandbox MMORPG developed by Sandbox Interactive, today announced the launch of a new server, Albion Europe, optimized for the Europe and MENA region. Along with offering a new start in the world of Albion, the new server will offer much faster connection speeds, better ping and lower latency, and optimized in-game event times for players across the region. Albion Europe will launch in Closed Beta on 3 April and Open Beta on 10 April, before going live on April 29 for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Albion Europe is the game’s third server, following Albion West (now Albion Americas) launched in 2017, and Albion East (now Albion Asia) launched in 2023, and coincides with added support for two new languages: Turkish and Arabic.

Albion Europe follows the game’s free to play model and is accessible to all players worldwide, regardless of their location. As with the existing servers, the game will be fully cross-platform, allowing players to play on PC, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS with a single account.

Features of the “Albion Europe” server:

  • new and untouched version of the game, where all players start as equals and can claim their own piece of Albion.
  • A game world that is fully separate and independent from the existing US and Asia servers.
  • Greatly improved connection speeds and ping for the whole Europe and MENA region.
  • Timings of game and server events (territory battles, Crystal League, Faction Warfare, maintenance, etc.) that are optimized for the region.
  • Founder Packs allow reservation of existing character and guild names, early access to the full server launch, and access to the Closed Beta from April 3.
  • All players, regardless of Founder status, can access the Open Beta starting on April 10.

Founder Pack Benefits
Albion Europe Founder Packs include a range of brand-new vanity skins in two different themes – light and dark – along with Premium time, Gold, and more. And starting April 24, Founder Pack owners will be able to access the new server ahead of its full launch, and claim their piece of the world.

Founders will also be able to reserve their character and guild names that exist on either current server when they purchase their Founder Packs. And last but not least, Founders will be able to access the Closed Beta from April 3, with exclusive rewards up for grabs.

Closed and Open Beta
Albion Europe will have a beta running from April 3 to April 23. Founder Pack owners can access the Closed Beta starting 3 April, and all players, regardless of Founder status, can join the Open Beta starting on 10 April.

The beta will feature a unique challenge, where players can earn an exclusive vanity skin that will persist on their account after the beta ends. And not only can Founder Pack owners access the beta earlier, they will progress three times as quickly in this challenge, and be able to unlock an additional, unique mount skin.

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