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Lords of the Fallen Receives Major Update v.1.1.199

Lords of the Fallen has released out a substantial update with the release of Patch v.1.1.199. This new update looks to improve the gaming experience by fixing multiple bugs, enhancing the multiplayer experience, and tweaking gameplay elements. The team is also asking the gaming community to continue providing feedback.

This patch makes the game more stable for players using AMD GPUs. This comes after the discovery that over 30% of game crashes reported were tied to AMD cards. By altering the communication between the drivers and DirectX12, the development team hopes to eliminate most of these issues.

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Lords of the Fallen Patch v.1.1.199

Greetings Lampbearers,

Starting the week on a positive note with an exciting new update. We’re working at full throttle to deliver you guys the most enjoyable experience and we’re eagerly anticipating your feedback on this patch.

As always, please continue to report any bugs you encounter through Sentry!

Major AMD GPUs Fix

Fixed multiple GPU crashes on AMD cards by skipping Niagara compute shader dispatches when the thread count exceeds what is supported by the hardware.

This update should resolve the majority of crashes reported in Sentry, as over 30% of them were caused by this issue in the communication between the drivers and DirectX12.

Sentry Reported Issues
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when interacting with an NPC character, especially when the NPC character actor was not ready.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when opening the inventory and an item is removed from it when filtering the categories (DLC items that no longer exist in the player’s inventory).
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when trying to set the description of an item that no longer exists (DLC items that no longer exist in the player’s inventory).
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when soulflaying certain entities.
  • Fixed a crash by clearing a C++ timer for the fog gates.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when trying to determine which ammo slot was selected without having a valid inventory component.
  • Fixed a very rare crash that could occur when picking up an item if the item disappeared while playing the montage.
  • Added a check to ensure that we have a player pawn on the client before attempting to disable interactions.
  • Ensured that the payload in the trigger event is correct and ended the ability otherwise.
Multiplayer Adjustment

After hearing the community feedback and observing numerous hours of PVP and PVE matches, we’ve identified certain matchmaking timing issues that result in “can’t connect” messages. Additionally, matchmaking with high pings has been causing annoying rubber-banding. In response, we’ve made several adjustments to the rules we use for player matchmaking. We now prioritize finding players with a good ping over connecting quickly. As a result, instead of almost instant connections to other players, it may take a few minutes at most, but a better ping connection with the opponent will be established. We believe this will lead to a better overall experience.

  • Adjusted multiplayer timings and pings to prioritize establishing a strong connection between players rather than reducing matchmaking times.
  • Disabled the Orian Protector feature temporarily to rework it with a more engaging gameplay loop. Previously, Orian Protectors would join a player being invaded to assist in the fight. However, this caused confusion among players and was reported as a bug multiple times. We are revisiting this feature to enhance its functionality.

We plan to reintroduce Crossplay to the online experience once we’ve gathered sufficient data from both PVE and PVP and have ensured its stability.

  • The price of the Flame Funnel spell in the Remembrance store has been adjusted.
  • The social shrine goals are being adjusted based on player progression and forecasts.
  • Fixing buyable items in the shrines that were missing the skipinventory bool being set to true.
Gameplay Adjustments
  • Fixed the Soulflay attack to prevent falling from a ledge when taking a step back just after using it.
  • Fixed the incorrect orientation of the player while interacting with NPCs and attempting to move around.
  • Updated the “Retrieve Vigor” animation to be faster, interruptible more quickly, and added invincibility frames (iframes) until the Vigor is retrieved.
  • Tweaked the “Empty Sanguinarix” animation to be quicker and interruptible sooner
  • Fixed a farming spot issue with Scarlet Shadow where he would fall through the world on his own for every spawn. Now, if you leave your character to farm on their own, you might find them dead when you return.
  • Modified the invasion area gameplay sublayer in Fritzroy’s Gorge to prevent rare instances where the invader would spawn underground at the beginning of the invasion.
  • Players could previously exit the boundaries and fall out of the world at the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters.
  • The lower LODs for the effigy of Scorn have been adjusted to activate their clothing physics.
  • The skip cinematic flow has been improved by displaying the required key on the screen when any button is pressed.

In Light we Walk.

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