HexWorks Takes on Balancing Challenges in Lords of the Fallen

HexWorks, the team behind the action RPG Lords of the Fallen, is responding to player feedback with a new approach to game balance. The developers are making a move that’s got players talking. They’re balancing single-player (PvE) and multiplayer (PvP) gameplay.

In a recent patch that drew mixed reactions, the studio adjusted the power of boss weapons and spells, changes that didn’t sit well with everyone. Players felt the sting of needing an extra chunk to upgrade their gear to +10, a move that stirred up much discussion in the community.

The developers have been listening. Acknowledging the frustration, they’ve dialed back the cost of upgrades in the Shrine of Orius as a first step. They’re not stopping there, though. They’ve recognized that the balancing act between PvE and PvP demands a different approach. Now, the plan is to refine the balance so that it feels just right whether you’re facing down an AI-controlled beast or squaring off against another player.

HexWorks knows that the fun of an RPG is in feeling powerful, but when it comes to player-versus-player combat, there’s a fine line to walk. No one enjoys being taken down by a single hit from an over-the-top powerful spell. So they’re reworking it, ensuring that PvP fights are fair and fun while letting players unleash havoc in PvE.

As for the timing, it’s a waiting game, but if past updates indicate, players might not have to wait long for the next round of tweaks. What’s clear is that HexWorks is committed to making Lords of the Fallen a game that feels good no matter how you play it.

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