Valorant ISO Abilities Revealed

Riot Games has revealed a new Duelist Agent, Iso, in the pipeline for VALORANT’s Episode 7: Act III, which is set for release on October 31, 2023. Although official details were scant, Mike, a known VALORANT leaker, has given us a preview of Iso’s abilities.

Iso’s Abilities

Ultimate: Kill Contract (X)

This unique ultimate ability allows Iso to create an interdimensional arena on the battlefield. He can throw a column of energy that pulls him and the first enemy it hits into the arena, where they must duel to the death.

Ability: Contingency (C)

Iso can form an indestructible wall of prismatic energy that advances forward and blocks bullets.

Ability: Undercut (Q)

This ability involves a molecular bolt that Iso can throw forward. When it touches players, it makes them temporarily fragile. The bolt has the added feature of passing through solid objects, including walls.

Ability: Double Tap (E)

Iso can start a focus timer and, upon completion, enter a state where killing or damaging downed enemies produces an energy orb. Shooting this orb grants Iso a shield that can absorb a single instance of damage from any source.

The VALORANT community has shown a lot of interest in these leaked abilities. Players are already discussing the tactical possibilities and speculating how Iso might fit into existing team dynamics.

Iso’s upcoming introduction to VALORANT promises to bring a fresh wave of tactical gameplay. These leaked abilities offer a glimpse of the new strategies and interactions we can expect to see. October 31 can’t come soon enough for those looking to try Iso’s intriguing toolkit.

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