Bungie’s Matter canceled, Senior Leadership to depart in 2026

Recent reports have surfaced revealing the cancellation of Bungie’s Matter. Sources close to IGN have shared that Matter has officially been scrapped. A similar project took a “slightly different direction” before being canceled in late 2022.

Another title, codenamed Gummy Bears, a MOBA-like game, finds itself in the same position. First mentioned in August 2023, Gummy Bears is supposed to be a mix of genres. Bungie teased it as a “team-based action game” inspired by platformers, MOBAs, life sims, and more.

Further complicating matters, it’s said that the senior leadership will depart by the summer of 2026. As for all we know, Bungie is now highly focused on Marathon and it’s reportedly hurrying to develop it.

While all of this is happening, the focus is entirely on Destiny 2: The Final Shape, set to launch on June 4. Meanwhile, Marathon remains in plan, with rumors suggesting a potential delay to 2025.

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