Dead Rising 4 Free Trial New Difficulty Modes And Customization

Dead Rising 4 gets new difficulty modes, free trial and customization. After the release on December 6, there are more than 7 billion zombies dead, as well as over 3 million photos and selfies. With all this being said, keep on reading to find out more about the 2 new difficulty modes and the Street Fighter outfit pack. Also, Dead Rising 4 launches on Xbox One and PC for the first time in Germany.

Dead Rising 4 Free Trial New Difficulty Modes and Customization

Dead Rising 2 New Difficulty modes and Street Fighter Outfit

In the world of zombies, everything is messed up. But, to be even more difficult and intense, Frank needs to try to survive on a higher difficulty. Remember, the enemies will deal more damage, food restores less HP and Frank’s weapon breaks faster than before. Watch your back, as these modes are coming on January 30.

Until then, practice more to be ready for what comes next. Also, on the same day, Frank can find 5 outfits in the wardrobe. This will give you a better Dead Rising 4 gaming experience.

In addition, you can play for free Dead Rising 4 as a 60 minute trial on Xbox One. This will be available on January 31 and each player can transfer the data into the full game. Of course only if you decide to buy the game.

Dead Rising 4 for the first time in Germany

Well, this is interesting. Dead Rising 4 hits Germany for the first time on Xbox One and PC. So, German players can get in touch with the game on January 31. This is happening for the first time after the release of Dead Rising. To all German players, you can find the game in the Microsoft Store. But, if you want to purchase the full packaged product, you have to wait until the end of February.


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