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Heroes & Generals 5 Tips

Heroes & Generals 5 Tips For Long Range Infantry

Heroes And Generals has a lot of different arsenals, so I choose to make a short guide for the best use of long range infantry. Below you can see five effective tips that will make difference in the game for you.

Heroes & Generals 5 Tips

Choose the bolt action rifles as they deal higher damage and have the longest attack range. I know that K98K, Mosin-Nagant and M1903 are with slow attack rate but making the right modification can destroy any enemy infantry with one shot.

If you have problems seeing on long distance, the Bolt Action and semi-automatics can be equipped with the scope. So now your vision is improved and allows you to see enemies at a longer distance.

As I have already mentioned above, for better Bolt Action rifle attack you need the right modifications. Here are 5 things that we recommend what you have to moderate: Ammunition, Sights, Trigger, Internal And Barrel. Choose the bullets with the highest damage. Equipe the scope or get the precision modification. Select a trigger for extra fire rate. Go for the Heavy Bolt for extra damage and Select the Scout II Barrel damage. In this way, you will deal a lot of damage and eliminate enemies with one shot.

What to do for close range attack? I have a perfect solution for this question. Equip a SMG on the Bolt action rifle. In this way, you can switch between weapons and defend against close range attacks.

Always have in mind to choose a recon soldier which gives you better modifications and scopes for the bolt action rifle.



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